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  1. Re: Victor Cruz is the smaller, faster incarnation of Terrell Owens

    I don't think being a locker room cancer should factor into his ranking as a WR. Besides, the fact that Owen went to three different teams during his prime doesn't just hurt his case, it also helps...
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    Re: Code of the Eli Thought Police

    Fair enough, Moorehead. I just think that while our defense can be overlooked at times for all that they have done, Eli has been an underrated player in the league. Heck, I prefer Eli over Aaron...
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    Re: Code of the Eli Thought Police

    apologies for double post...
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    Re: Code of the Eli Thought Police

    OK this is getting rediculous.</p>

    My original post was a tongue in cheek attemp at humor. Aimed at making fun of some of the more enthusiastic Eli fans on the MB.</p>

    For the record...I am...
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    Re: Code of the Eli Thought Police

    hate to break it to the guys bashing our D, when the team was on Eli's back we were 7-7 and the last 6 games the D averaged 14 points per game given up. and in those last 6 games the run avg was 114...
  6. Re: Thoughts on the Giants running a 3-4 package??

    I actually think it could be very realistic. If Rogers makes this team and can provide a nice anchor. Lets take a look at the surrounding cast..

    DLine - Canty (3-4 in Dallas)
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    Re: Code of the Eli Thought Police

    Agreed. Mr. Moorehead, sometimes I think you let your wonderful post count get to your head. And by-the-way, congrats on starting yet another pointless thread. This argument with Eli has been going...
  8. Thread: Hakeem Nicks

    by rick5292

    Hakeem Nicks

    Ohm Youngmisuk ?@NotoriousOHM

    Coughlin said Hakeem Nicks told him he will Do everything to get back for training camp. Nicks told him on Monday that he was pain free
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    Re: Chase Blackburn OUr Starting MLB?

    Lot of good stuff to read here. I think that some of you guys make a good point - the season has not yet begun, so nothing is set in stone. What do y'all think of Boley being the MLB and Rivers and...
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    Chase Blackburn OUr Starting MLB?

    <a class="account-group js-account-group js-action-profile js-user-profile-link" href="" data-user-id="40679590"><strong class="fullname js-action-profile-name...
  11. Re: Bradshaw's feet are a mess, BJ gone and Ware is average at best...........

    Bradhaw and Jacobs didn't exactly have lanes to run through last year. It wouldn't have mattered who we had back there.

    Very true...and that is why I was wondering why we passed up on <em...
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    Re: As it stands now..our defense

    We lose Ross, Grant, Tolly, maybe Blackburn n Goff......have 1 starting DB coming off injury, 1 OLB coming off injury, 1 DT coming off injury, no true MLB.... but yea we're in GREAT shape. The OP...
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    Re: The Best QB in the NFL is....

    1. Tom Brady
    2. Peyton Manning
    3. Drew Brees
    4. Aaron Rodgers
    5. Eli Manning
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    Re: Harbaugh wants to know our offense

    Dont think for a second that the 49ers signing Mario was coincidence. Harbaugh wants to know the ins and outs of our offense so he can beat us next we meet in the playoffs. Also interesting Mario...
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    Re: Titans >Giants

    Man, who's this bobby kid? Does he realize that he's still talking trash against the BEST team in football? No need to defend the Superbowl champs kid. We're good-to-go.
  16. Re: Now that Eli has taken Rodgers and Brady to the woodshed

    the question you have to ask yourself is who would you want under center with 2 minutes to go in a tied game or one where a FG or TD would win it- Brady, Brees, Rodgers, or Eli?

    I do not think...
  17. Re: This year we had the 'Elite" hoopla....already that has shifted to the "HOF" hoopl***

    Hey gumby.

    Why did you change your classic signature after the giants won the super bowl? Stand by your signature.

    "Eli realists criticize. Eli homers turn it into hate.
    SAVE GIGGLES!!!!! ...
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    Re: To all Anti-Osi's JPP is against it :)

    no one is 'anti-osi'.</p>

    not being able to afford what Osi wants as a contract is not 'anti-osi'.</p>

    and 99% of fans that you would classify as 'anti-osi' fall into the category that we...
  19. Thread: ELI-TE

    by rick5292

    Re: ELI-TE

  20. Re: Poor Tiki-talking on TV about the Giants wiining the SB again [without him]

    he predicted the giants to win. some need to forgive and let it go. let go of the retiring grudge.

    Absolutely. Tiki will always be one of my favorite Giants players as long as I live
  21. Re: I am gone for a few hours and this place blows up with CROW posts lol

    "We lost, but no big deal, we got this!!" is another good one

    I remember reading it back then and thinking what a poor deranged near sighted homer. but he was right all along!! [:$]

    lol Good...
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    Re: End of a Dynasty?

    We saw the Steelers of the 70s finally go down in 1980. We saw it going from Dallas to the 49ers in 81. We saw it going back to Dallas in 92. Was saw it going to New England in 2001. Is this the last...
  23. Re: Think about this. We beat the number 1 Offense and #1 defense back to back.

    I thought the Saints had the No 1 offense? If so, then we beat the team which had the No 1 defense which had previously beaten the No 1 offense.
    <font size="5">
    Still, that means squat</font>. We...
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    Re: In retrospect (developing Eli)

    Are you a 49er fan? Nobody in their right mind is putting Alex Smith in the same breath as Eli.

    They are nothing alike and that is an insult. I don't understand your point but it sounds like your...
  25. Re: OH MY GOD...the most ludicrous claim by a 49er fan....

    Took a peek at the 49ers MB and although there are a few fans who pay the Giants props, the majority are bitter and raging HATEtoward the Giants. So, this crap is not surprising. I guess, as a...
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