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  1. A great question to the officials let the St....

    A great question to the officials let the St. Louis Rams get away with their Beckham mayhem. Unexplainable how Ogeltree stayed in the game. He continued with his crap and nothing was done about it.
  2. Greg williams

    Why do I think Williams put a bounty on Beckham? Isn't that his MO?
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    I think Victor Cruz is a star, but stars need to...

    I think Victor Cruz is a star, but stars need to bring it when the team needs them. I was out and did not see the game until right after the first int, but what I saw was Victor not making 2 or 3...
  4. The same medical group that cleared David Wilson?...

    The same medical group that cleared David Wilson? Hope not!
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    Bring back wh

    Never should have let him go, but picked up by the Ravens. If josh Gordon not cut by Browns ( same excuse as Hill of secondhand smoke) why did Giants cut their best safety?
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    Not only the Raiders, but Oakland, give me a...

    Not only the Raiders, but Oakland, give me a break. For how many years have they been the little sister to the team across the Bay, whom by the way are moving into a new stadium down the road....
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    It's Speed

    The Giants O and D need speed. Speed opens up the field on O and closes it down on D. No secret on how the Seahawks accomplished what they did, it was a few things; 1. flying to the ball on D with...
  8. Watch the Lions VS Eagles

    If you saw the Lions VS Eagles you would see Raiola cannot be trusted. He centered the ball before the QB was ready ala Cowboy centers and he was downfield illegally on a long run late in the game....
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    Awful is an understatement

    We had 6 seats since 1964 and then $10000 per seat to pay $145 per ticket and sit in the rain. First time I sat in the stadium I thought 1.6 billion for this crap, why? And then you think 1.2 B for...

    I believe you are right, the Chargers told the Giants which guy they wanted. I cannot believe if the Giants wanted Eli they would have "guessed" at what SD wanted, that makes little or no sense.
  11. Re: how to watch without nfl sunday ticket?

    I have RCN in eastern part of PA and they have Fox NY in their regular channel lineup.
  12. Re: "Ramses Barden has had good flash plays out here"

    if he anything like his old man then you all can be in for a surprise. As I recall his father was the only one in NYC that could hold Tony Jackson in check when Jackson was setting the NYC schoolboy...
  13. Re: 1990 NFC Championship vs. 2011 NFC Championship....

    It was 15-13 which made the kick that much more exciting, miss and you go home make it and you go to Tampa. </P>

    Since I went to that SB even more exciting!</P>
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    Re: Cruz 2011 or Austin 2009?

    Cruz's 99 harder against the Jets started the Giants run to the SB. I do not remember the Cowboys winning a single playoff game in Austin's year. Case closed it is Cruzzzz!
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    Re: Kurt Warner Dissing Eli Again

    Just play them 1 game at a time and remember to be the best you must beat the best, So no matter what anyone says that is why you play the game, Kurt made a fair appraisal so just stop talking & play...
  16. Re: NFL.COM-Manning/Rivers trade greatest draft trade of all time

    I believe that is a poor analysis because we would have taken Big Ben not Rivers if there was no trade. Now Ben is good, but has caused lots of trouble after he won his super bowls. If Ben had those...
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    Re: TE or BPA at 32?

    NO, NO to a TE in round1, none are worth it BPA, no question.

    Tight end is interesting, if you can get a Vernon Davis or Gronkowski type of TE, then take it in the first or second round. I am not sure that you cannot wait and still come up with a winner. You...
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    Re: It's started already

    Well let's see, Dallas cannot seem to be able to beat either the Giants or especially the Eagles, so it would seem that they are not really that close. 20 MM will buy you something, but if history is...
  20. Re: Tom Couglin, The Trent Dilfer Fallacy and the Book Of Eli

    I don't know if Eli is the best, but he is certainly the best Giant QB I have seen and I go back to the 1940's. The only one that seems reluctant to give Eli his due is Phil Simms. While Phil was...
  21. Re: Are you ALL IN? Are you going to complain about false "smack"?

    Certainly a whole lot better than the team that played the Ravens with our milquetoast coach and the self-defeating attitude that the Giants took into that game. The Ravens were sure they were going...
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    Re: Real NY Football Team?

    My biggest fear that in 2014 in Met Life the SB opponents are the Jets VS Eagles. Truly a case of a perfect terrible storm.

    The great thing about this year is the dilemma for Jet fans, whom do...
  23. Re: Brandon Jacobs urges the 49ers to deliver helmet-to-helmet hits

    Obviously he has been hit in the head a little to often already,
  24. Re: Everyone except the GB fans want the Giants to win

    You apparently never speak to Eagle or Jet fans, they hate us as much as we hate them.
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    Re: Dallas or Philly?

    Since moving to eastern PA and having to listen to the Eagle BS on all newscasts I have really grown tohate the Eagles. The way the Eagle fans and the whole city carries on when the Eagles win, makes...
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