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    This one is on Gilbride? I am pretty sure...

    This one is on Gilbride? I am pretty sure Coughlin had a word or two to say about who to go for.
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    Re: only 5 giants on NFL top 100

    What is your source?

    I think Webster and Snee deserves consideration too.
  3. Re: Interesting links concerning Giants draft grade/strategy...

    Didn't care to read the rest when I reached this part:
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    Re: Giants Players Tweets on Wilson.

    Bradshaw and others are probably looking at that Hynoski tweet and feeling abandoned now.

    Why ? It is not like he said "I am looking forward to paving the way ONLY for you!"
  5. Thread: Round 1

    by danishGiant

    Re: Round 1

    Reese doesn't trade up in the first round.

    Reese always picks best player available in the early rounds.

    Pointless to mock the New York Giants draft.
  6. Re: I wont say this team will be unstoppable, but I WILL say....

    Ballard and Beckum is not going to return midseason. They both had torn ACL in the Super Bowl.
  7. Re: McCarthy still trying to figure out the loss to Giants

    The Eagles will be back next season as well. It usually takes a team with that many star players a couple years to gel. They were learning a whole new system. I can see them going 12-4 or 13-3 with...
  8. Re: Brandon Jacobs Slams Bully Ray Through a Table

    Maybe if he gets cut by the Giants he will go into the wrestling business instead!
  9. Re: Who is the one big $$ contract you would cut/trade this offseason to save some CAP?

    Trade Osi Umenyiora.

    Cut BrandonJacobs.

    Fat contract for Victor Cruz.
    Fat contract for Justin Tuck.

    Try resign Mario Manningham.
    Try resign Terrell Thomas.
  10. Re: Can Frank Gore break the 10 Yd Barrier this time

    He was injured last time they met, but tried to play the first half - sat out the second half as far as I recall.
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    Re: THIS IS NOT '07

    It's 2012!
  12. Re: TC is 2nd all-time with 6 road playoff wins

    Who's first?
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    Re: Nicks better than Plax?

    Nicks any day.

    If he can stay healthy he has the potential to be one of the best wideouts in the league imo.
  14. The NFL Season: A biography - Victor-ious

    Hey guys,

    Couldn't find any post with this, so I thought I'd share it.

    Victor Cruz on The NFL Season: A biography

    Can't wait for sunday!

    - dg
  15. Re: Giants vs GB 07 playoff in 3rd quarter 5 mins left.

    Nice play by Webster tho!
  16. Re: Giants vs GB 07 playoff in 3rd quarter 5 mins left.


    Nice to see Strahan again!
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    Re: Giants gnome buried in my backyard...

    I have a Babushka consisting of 4 Giants players. The big one being Eli and the smallest guy, for some reason, being Jacobs. Two in the middle is Bradshaw and Boss (it's a few years old).

    Should I...
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    Re: Giant vs Falcons Highlights :)

    Thanks for sharing these. It's really great! Good job!
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    Boring Buck & Tedious Troy ?

    How many Giants games has these two been calling this season? And I believe they will be calling the game on sunday too right? Awful. Just awful.
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    Re: really jennings ????

    Well the Superbowl was played in '08... so he's actually correct.

    but its the 07 season and still called the 07 superbowl

    But he didn't say "08 superbowl" or "superbowl 08". He said...
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    Re: Chris Snee ripping on Eli

    at least we know that Eli gets his balls busted in the locker room for being a spaz when he has to run more than 5 steps</P>

    Although last week he actually looked* "athletic"...
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    Re: Stubhub legit?

    Thanks guys. And thanks for the hint. I think I'll look for those kind of tickets just to be safe!
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    Stubhub legit?

    Hi guys,

    I found some tickets on Stubhub and I am thinking of traveling to NY over the weekend to watch the playoff game. Would be my first playoff game.

    Can I trust stubhub and do you think...
  24. Re: It's RIDICULOUS that Eli has to ask permission to run the no huddle...

    I 100% agree. If he was able to call the shots we would score more points. How many times do we throw a deep incompletion then run the shotgun draw for no yards and then we'll go with a short pass...
  25. Re: Strahan's tweets on the sole star of our defense

    Awesome...Really I'm speechless over his whole performance.

    He should be up for DPOY.

    He is up there!

    And you can't even vote him into the pro bowl. Just shows you what a big joke the pro...
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