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  1. Jerry "I can't draft outside the 1st Round" Reese

    In the 1st round I trust....after that our talent evaluation system breaks down...
  2. Our special teams are going to be sick!!

    Said no team ever, but that's what our free agency signings have been building up to. Role players are great, but impact players win games.
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    Scott Chandler released by Bills

    Ex-Giant, would make a lot of sense for us as some solid depth at TE. Also, and upgrade over all our current TEs.
  4. Giants considering a run at defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh: sources

    Don't know how we would fit his salary under the cap, but our Defense line would be tough to beat if we signed him.
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    Arik Armstead, Oregon, 6-8, 290: "Big as hell and...

    Arik Armstead, Oregon, 6-8, 290: "Big as hell and very talented. But lazy at times and he's been hurt, too. It's hard to say what you're going to get from him. Talent says he's a first-round pick,...
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    Trade up for Leonard Williams

    If it cost us only a 1st round pick next year, would you trade up to say #3 to get him? The kid looks like the real deal. Imagine him next to JPP!
  7. IF our front office truely believes that Donnell...

    IF our front office truely believes that Donnell is the long term answer at TE, then we are in trouble. Donnell disappeared from games and was very inconsistent with his dropped passes and fumbles....
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    Laron Landry released by the Colts

    Would make alot of sense for us if we can sign him to a cap friendly deal. Solid safety who would also bring a veteran presence.
  9. Jermaine Gresham should be one of our top targets in Free Agency

    Former 1st round pick and a big target for Eli. Donnell isn't a starting TE in this league as he showed this year. Donnell is a good receiver, but way too many inconsistencies in his game and not a...
  10. Governor Chris Christie is not a Giants fan

    Did anyone else notice Chris Christie celebrating like crazy in Jerry Jones VIP box when the Cowboys just scored?
  11. The stage is set for Spagnuolo to return as Defensive Coordinator

    What a story it would be. Spags returns to the Giants next year, to coach an under-performing defense, as the Giants prepare for a final run at a Championship under Coughlin. Now that would be...
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    Kerry Wynn is another example why rookies should be given the right to play

    The favortism by Coughlin has to stop, how could Kiwi start over this kid all year? We need the best players on the field, not just the ones Coughlin likes the most.
  13. Fundamental changes in Philosophy are needed to change this team, let's list them

    I believe most of the issues on this team (outside of injuries) stem from fundamental Reese talent evaluation philosophies and TC coaching philosophies. Let's list a few here:


    You don't...
  14. of course TC is behind these play calls,...

    of course TC is behind these play calls, Gillbride was just the scapegoat. No way McAdoo just happens to be calling the same style of offense we have been running the past 9 years.
  15. How many years will we use injuries as an excuse for not winning?

    Seems to be the excuse around here every year, doesn't it? If we are constantly injured then we need to a better job of building depth? How do you build depth? By drafting well.

    The best teams do...
  16. How we evaluate talent is "broken" and that falls on Marc Ross

    If Reese stays then someone has to take the fall for several years of poor drafting and roster with limited talent. That would then fall on Marc Ross, VP of Talent Evaluation.

    Our inability to...
  17. He is earning $20 million dollars a year, I would...

    He is earning $20 million dollars a year, I would have a positive outlook no matter the teams record as well.
  18. Eli is still a good QB, but not 20mil a year good

    Rebuilding this team starts with Eli taking a paycut. For 20mil a season he should be a major reason we win games, not lose them.
  19. Injuries are not an excuse; it brings to light a weak roster with no depth

    Too many seasons have gone by where this team has used injuries as excuse for not winning. It's the NFL, people will get hurt, it's almost a given in this day and age. It's more likely a team will...
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    Injuries are NOT an excuse; they just highlight a roster built with ZERO depth

    Too many people have written and complain about how we are the most injured team, all the time, every year blah blah. That's why we keep missing the playoffs etc.

    The reality is you will always...
  21. Marc Ross and Jerry Resse need to be held accountable. Front office failed the fans.

    So many poor talent acquistion decisions and drafts, how can we expect to compete. Coughlin and Eli and can only do so much.
  22. Why draft a WR in the 1st round if we can't protect Eli?

    Months later I am still baffled by our decision to draft a WR in the 1st round after every Giants fan knew re-building the O-Line was priority. Yes, we drafted Richburg in the 2nd round and yes we...
  23. What was the point of selecting a WR in the 1st round if we can't protect Eli?

    Not drafting Martin in the 1st is going to come back to haunt us. We have zero depth and a LT in Beatty that looks terrible. If Schwartz has to miss any significant time it's going to get ugly. We...
  24. Free-agent signing Geoff Schwartz working with second team. Wow!

    Jordan Raanan @JordanRaanan 2h
    Weston Richburg is taking first-team reps at left guard. Free-agent signing Geoff Schwartz working with second team. Wow! #giants

  25. Picking David Wilson over Alshon Jeffery will haunt this team for years to come

    Our talent evaluation woes, when it comes to the draft, seem to be continuing. I keep thinking back to the 2012 draft and how psyched I was when Alshon was still on the board and when we were...
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