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  1. Did it ever occur to you that RGIII is not your...

    Did it ever occur to you that RGIII is not your average QB? That being asked how come you and Gilbride coached last week as though the G-men
    were playing the Cowboys or the Steelers? Did you not...
  2. Bet on it!

    Bet on it!
  3. Why was Bradshaw so mad?

    You'd look mad too, if you had to play on the same field (even tho not at the same time) with RG111!
    That dude is so remarkable as a quarterback, with some other sports acumen thrown in for good...
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    No question that Bradshaw played his heart...

    No question that Bradshaw played his heart out...thought in the 1st quarter, he may not have made it back. Boy, did he return to the fold! Outstanding all the way. But it all comes down to...
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    Well, now the Giants have another thing to watch...

    Well, now the Giants have another thing to watch out for on the field, as if the opposing team's players wasn't enough...Look out for the officials!
    Man, they are dangerous in their inability to...
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    Did you forget Tynes? True, it was all about Eli...

    Did you forget Tynes? True, it was all about Eli and whoever else is on the field with him that gives the Giants their indisputable determination and
    spirit for winning against so many odds, but...
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    Comeback Kids

    At no time, (interceptions, nothwithstanding) did I ever count these wonderful Giants out! They always come back 4th quarter and show us all why they
    are the champions in football. Even with all...
  8. Went to sleep last night feeling so...

    Went to sleep last night feeling so depressed...and woke up the same way. I know in my gut Big Blue will eventually get it all together later on
    as they always do...especially when Eli gets...
  9. Re: Perspective: Eli was HIT more than Gore, Bradshaw, and Jacobs

    Eli is an amazing young man with the heart and soul of a true champion. You saw him get hit
    time and again and yet never faltered.
    His will and spirit are unequaled in the NFL.
    I am so proud to...
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    Re: Media hype

    Does anyone know where the team is today?
    Are they traveling to SF? Will they have a practice on a sloppy field tomorrow?
    Just curious...
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    Re: Glad Buck/Aikman was our game...

    Saying Buck is boring and tedious is an understatement. Both he and Aikman are so
    uninteresting I have to turn off the sound a lot.
    And they just keep talking nonstop about nothing
    no one even...
  12. Thread: Bye Brees

    by lgwgiantlov

    Re: Bye Brees

    This is the break we really needed. Niners looked awesome in the final minute!
    Eli and company can and will handle the
    Packers at Lambeau...but I would never bet
    on that happening with Brees...
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    Re: What is wrong with Snee this year

    No question that Snee is not playing up to his
    potential. Think he has an injury, but was not
    on the injured list the past couple of weeks.
    Now for the real question...what about L Tynes?
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    Re: Hakeem Nicks TD

    Thrilling victory for our Giants! Who'd thunk in
    Nov and early Dec that playoff hopes would even be a consideration? But these guys really
    get going when the going gets tough. Those 4th...
  15. Re: Giants Peaking at just the right time- Getting Physical

    Manningham would be most welcome back.
    but truthfully, hasn't been that effective all season
  16. Re: Giants Peaking at just the right time- Getting Physical

    Let's not forget that our boys in blue have done
    great things against Dallas in Dallas but have lost at home in the Meadowlands. We need to all keep positive thoughts sent to Eli, Hakeem,
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