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  1. Dumbest argument

    Are we really nitpicking about the age and maturity and drops... You want to point to a negative in Cruz's game, fine, cite a few more drops than average. How many positives does he bring to the...
  2. Cruz has special talent

    He is Wes Welker but younger and more explosive. He is also able to catch jump balls which Welker does not. Player who get more targets are going to have more drops. Did he have a high drop...
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    Re: Ben is better than Eli

    Boy, some of you are so stubborn that you will simply make every excuse as to why Ben isn't good and every excuse as to why Eli should never take any blame.

    Do you guys really think Eli could have...
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    Re: The all whiteboy draft!!

    hey deedeebarber where are you from??? becaus honestly this was a funny thread it was comical about there are some legit white boys in this year's nfl draft....come at me again and see what happens...
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    Re: Why all the hatin on Briggs?

    The one thing i worry about is Briggs being a product of that defense. Standing next to urlacher, anyone would look good. Thats why I believe we should go for the draft instead.

    So the Pats made...
  6. Re: Is Anthony Wright the first Black QB G-men ever had?

    do you think its a fair rule that at least one minority MUST be interveiwed for head coach or GM? Don't you think that if a black was the best man for the job, he would be hired regardless? Having...
  7. Re: Is Anthony Wright the first Black QB G-men ever had?

    I think people just need to grow up and realize that we're all the
    same. Honestly...who cares if he's the first black quarterback? I feel
    like the way everyone gets all excited when the first black...
  8. Re: Is Anthony Wright the first Black QB G-men ever had?

    josh harris (black qb from training camp last year) didnt make the team so Wright might be the first one to make the team.

    Onto Imus... in a media class we spoke about it and I said that Imus has...
  9. Thread: Briggs?!?

    by GiantsInSB38

    Re: Briggs?!?

    i really think that if there was the slightest of rumors it would be filling up the first page of threads.
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