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  1. Do not fear Giants fans, in 2015 we get...

    With out a doubt, we go here first.

    Brandon Scherff - Protection for Eli from day 1.
  2. Re: Jet fan quotes on the Giants (from their board)

    Look I'm from NY. I root for NY teams as long as they aren't playing my team. I don't pull for them hard i just would rather see them win than some other team because it's good for NY. I love New...
  3. Re: Jet fan quotes on the Giants (from their board)

    Listen, Don't put yourselves with these a-holes. They have ONE championship in their entire history. We have SEVEN!! Sorry Jet fans, they DO count.

    Fatso comes to town, and starts saying they...
  4. Thanks to the mods for deleting my post to a LINK!

    It was for the Artie Lange/Joe Buck show, and I personally did NOT have any vulgar or offensive language on here. </P>

    Thanks for making this place like communist Russia or Cuba. You are all...
  5. Re: 1 week away and the GMEN SWAMI Says trade for Braylon and draft Britt and Robiskie

    I say package up a deal to trade Smith a #2 and 5 for Braylon. Thats right Steve Smith. I would rather keep Hixon who is more valuable than Steve Smith due too him being a Pro Bowl type return man....
  6. Re: For the Mod(s) who went into my account and changed my settings. Got a question for you.

    <FONT size=6>ZZZZZZZZZ....[|-)]</FONT>
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