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    Re: This years sleeper break out player

    Da'rell scott?
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    Re: Amani Toomer

    Stats are so over rated when the QB in question(ROMO) can't even lead his team. his stats my be good but he's just not a leader.
  3. Re: I'm Sorry....Kiwi Is Good But He Didn't Deserve An Extension Over Osi

    lemme get this right... Osi is a news distraction every season... problem!

    Kiwi. plays as he is expected, doesn't distract... gets extension... no problem

    end result. topic starter needs to get...
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    Re: Jayron Hosley.. Are you serious??

    Just got out of the hospital and need surgery next month and today is my anniversary.

    I missed the draft. I see you guys popping bubbly for our draft this year... pour me a drink!
  5. Re: Bradshaw's feet are a mess, BJ gone and Ware is average at best...........

    remember, Football is a business and these are people who work and live football. the Tish and Mara families aren't stupid to bring in lousy judges of talent or needs.
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    Re: NFL.COM needs to fire the .......

    what gets me is, they said the Eagles "Dream team" were a shoe in. has no legitimacy. wait to talk about this halfway through the season
  7. Re: Osi Umenyiora skips Giants' offseason workout program

    Well, for Osi, Osi had better be in game shape coming into SEPT 5th or he'll ruin his chances of keeping his stock value up.
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    NFL.COM needs to fire the .........

    these guys are idiots...
  9. Re: Osi Umenyiora skips Giants' offseason workout program

    Seems to me that, this isn't anything new. but the thinking behind this would be, a leader not setting an example for the newer, younger guys..but be that as it may...
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    Re: DE or WR in the 1st

    But we have Kiwi, Osi, Tuck, & JPP, and we have Nicks, Cruz, Jerrigan, and a bunch of other wr's :O

    Osi is easily negated by the run and gets taken out of the game easily. need a guy who can get...
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    Re: "IF" we were to deal Osi...

    I would wager any amount that Sintum make the cut. 6"2 /252 plus LB don't grow on trees. He has shown nothing at this point because of injuries. But this will be he do or die season.</P>

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    Re: As it stands now..our defense

    We lose Ross, Grant, Tolly, maybe Blackburn n Goff......have 1 starting DB coming off injury, 1 OLB coming off injury, 1 DT coming off injury, no true MLB.... but yea we're in GREAT shape.

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    Re: DE or WR in the 1st

    We picked up a DT. I think we pickup DE insurance for OSI's slot.maybe NOT in the first picks but somewhere in the draft. our WR core is excellent.
  14. Re: I think everyone now knows why rivers is a giant

    First off, I love the trade. Let's make it simple.. Kiwi goes back to end, love that as well..... And as we all new would happen, osi gets traded on draft day, and we walk out of the draft with...
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    About LB Rivers pickup

    I'm seeing alot of belly aching about picking this guy up.What I think will happen is, they will improve his mechanics. obviously his old team was not working on his body mechanics and We have been...
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    Re: would you make this trade?

    why would cleveland do that? ... they can draft they next Osi at #4 if they want and pay him half what Osi makes and have him for years, whereas Osi is getting close to retirement

    I calmly...
  17. Re: Wait, Jacobs only signed a 1 year contract?

    I listen to big blue kickoff live, our giants podcast show. They had a guy on that is associated with the organization and he stated that jacobs did not want to return to us this year. Idk what's...
  18. Re: What team poses the biggest threat to our chances to repeat?

    If Alex Smith continues to improve, I have to go with SF. Signing MM and TO and they'll probably draft a WR in the 1st to go along with Crabtree is pretty good improvement. And they are going to be...
  19. Re: What team poses the biggest threat to our chances to repeat?

    We have met the enemy and it is us

    I had to do a double take on this but you are essentially right.. we can only beat ourselves.
  20. Re: What will it take to restore out running game?

    Agreed - barry sanders made average lines look special - at times tiki made our lines look a lot better as well. Point is it would be nice to have a combo of a nice line and a nice back. My pick...
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    what the ....?

    what gives? are we going to get reamed too?
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    Re: What The Hell Is Going On With Osi?

    I hear the team has bought him a new exercise bike to ride during pre-season. He's happy now.


    I don't know. this whole whining OSI thing has worn it's welcome with me. Is he really any...
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    Re: Saint's GM Punishment

    Not sure if this was posted already, but can someone explain to me the role of a GM during the regular season? The Saint's GM is suspended for the first 8 games of the season, so from that I assume...
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    Manning going Broncos AFC!!! i like it

    Peyton wasn't going to the NFC as long as his...
  25. Re: Has a giant ever touched you? if so post when and where

    after our first SB (07') I got to personally shake Brandon Jacobs and tom coughlins hand. When they arrived at Walter Reed Army Medical Center where I worked at the time, No one was at the buses to...
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