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    Re: this is disgusting!

    I always said during this season that we could just as easily be 13-3 as we are 9-7 ( the three losses, the redskins twice and the saints, just games where the team didn't show up)

    But games...
  2. Re: Some will call it "luck," I call it mental toughness

    According to some posters, in the past 5 games, the Giants have been lucky to win.
  3. Re: Its all over the net that we only won because of thier punt returner

    *normally would have been ginn jr but he was out with a knee. so this kid kyle got the punts. and now its all over yahoo and the net that we only won because of his two mishaps.

    what about our...
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    Re: Interesting Stat

    49ers dont care, 49ers dont give a s.h!t.

    And they shouldn't.
    But we live in a stat-filled world. And as the OP stated, some stats are interesting.
    I'm sure there are stats that are made up for...
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    Re: According to the niners boards....

    Regarding the wind thing, wind affects the trajectory of a ball. That's never a positive thing regardless of how strong a QB's arm is.

    Wind also affects the kicking game, which is, um, SF's main...
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    Re: How do you blow out the 49ers?

    If Manning has a bad day or leaves early, I think it is pretty much lights-out for the Giants and Smith or Willis are certainly a threat to make that happen.* Ask the Rams' quarterback.* While I...
  7. Re: Why we win/lose - Point - Counter point (NYG vs SF)

    Coughlin has the experience and the hardware, no doubt. But harbaugh is out coaching, out game planning, and out motivating everyone this year. The NFL is about Now and right now i would rather...
  8. Re: Why we win/lose - Point - Counter point (NYG vs SF)

    4. Harbaugh is coach of the year by a landslide. If coughlin were coach of the year i would say you have the better coach...but he isnt and i wont.

    I agree Harbaugh will win coach of the...
  9. Re: Why we win/lose - Point - Counter point (NYG vs SF)

    Your points make no sense. Niners arent gb and giants arent no. How bout you make an actual point?

    I can throw a couple out.

    1. We already beat you once this year.

    2. Eli is a pick...
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    Re: the Niner's confidence is sky-high

    I've been watching all the media hype leading up to this game, and it seems like the Niner's truly expect to win, while our guys are like" the Niner's are really, really good, and we're gonna give...
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    Re: Holt says Mario best Giants route runner.

    I guess when he runs the right route he's good but i often notice Eli looking at him like "what are you doing". MM is my favorite out of the bunch, he has great physical ability but for as long as...
  12. Re: Brandon Jacobs urges the 49ers to deliver helmet-to-helmet hits

    What makes you think Jacobs is going to get knocked out?

    In a head to head collision, I'll take Jacobs over any of their DBs.

    Fine, even if you think Jacobs will win a head to head collision,...
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    Re: Not feeling too good about this game...

    I think one of the biggest factors in the last game was the fact the Giants lost Boley in the second quarter. Totally changed the way the defense was playing.

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    Re: NFL Rewind - JPP Blocked FG

    Michaels groaned, but it is pretty obvious Collinsworth hates our team. At one point he said Romo made a great play on a bad snap that only someone like Rodgers could make.... Never said anything...
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    Re: Ben is better than Eli

    I was rooting for Arizona just to spite all Giants fans who want to bring this BS up that Ben is better than Eli. Screw all Giants fans who root against our starting QB and ***** about a guy who won...
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