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  1. Re: Eli will have the greatest SB performance of all time

    I have money on a prop bet for Manning getting over 320 yards. (hopefully in a winning effort).
  2. Re: Vegas is rooting against the Giants big time.

    Vegas isn't rooting for the Giants and the whole "futures" argument is flawed. All Vegas needs to do is get a 50/50 situation---with equal number of gamblers on each side---to make sure they're in...
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    Re: A realistic take on the game: READ IT

    I wonder if he wrote this piece PRIOR to Gronkowski getting hurt? I really think that greatly changes the complexion of what the Pats can do. As others have mentioned I think he'll be out there if...
  4. Re: Best of Luck to GMen (from a diehard Redskins fan)

    Well years of losing definitely doesn't foster 'contentment' of any kind for us Skins fans (fortunately I'm just old enough to have enjoyed all of the glory years and the Titles that came with them)....
  5. Best of Luck to GMen (from a diehard Redskins fan)

    No smack talk here, I just want to wish your squad the best this coming Sunday. I look back on this season and I'm not entirely sure how we took you guys down twice this year (I even went back and...
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    Re: Carlos Rogers said he couldnt cover cruz

    I'm a lifelong Skins fans (go ahead and insert joke here) but Rogers was always over-rated when with us the past 5 years. He's a "Pro Bowler" by virtue of the best front in the game playing with him...
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    Re: Home Field Advantage ?

    I think there will be a slight advantage to the Giants here, both by virtue of the home-grown hatred of the Pats and also due to allegiance to a Manning. Probably not enough to make any discernable...
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    Re: Whose covering Welker?

    I think the key for slowing Welker down, as much as he can be, is to chip block him and jam him at the line early and often. The guy is talented but he's not physically imposing by any means. Get in...
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