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    Ok understod but still see the remainder of what...

    Ok understod but still see the remainder of what I typed after you copy pasted this......

    "That way maybe he will be back to 100% or close to by next season, because frankly him playing hurt for a...
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    I am not questioning his toughness at all. I am...

    I am not questioning his toughness at all. I am not picking on him either. What I am saying makes perfect sense....we paid him a decent chunk of our cap to shutdown the opposing team's best...
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    Does it? Do you know for sure that the IT band...

    Does it? Do you know for sure that the IT band issue isn't something that can linger or flare up. If its something hes always had.....then don't be suprised at what we get out of this deal.
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    Agreed, but whether we still had Prince it...

    Agreed, but whether we still had Prince it doesn't change the fact that we are paying DRC good money to play part time......
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    DRC and the IT band thing

    So basically we are paying 35 mil for a part-time CB? Sorry no offense to him with this nagging injury BUT I feel like we should let him go after this season. What is the point of having him around...
  6. Next years draft is heavy on pass rushers

    Its the perfect time to switch to 3-4, alot of the DEs I noticed are smaller. We should let JPP walk, draft a pass rushing LB, pair them with D. Moore. Then gameplan who will be the 2 ILBs. My guess...
  7. If we get a pick in the top 10..........

    We should trade down to get extra picks.........we are going to need them. This team has so many needs, and as much as I would like to grab some more weapons for Eli, we will have holes that we need...
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    How many more games....

    Do we lose until we get win #4? We are currently in a 4 game slide, 2 more and we have 2 seasons with a 6 game losing streak......
    I say we lose the next 2.......we can probably beat JAC, but who...
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    We should go 3-4 D, hear me out......

    Yes the 4-3 has been successful for us in the past, but lets face it, it been at least 2-3 years since we have had a decent pass rush with it. The 4-3 died when we started to let go all the pass...
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    Seattle game prediction.....

    I know I will get flamed......but I predict the score will be 30-3 Seattle.
  11. I heard the announcers on a game the other week say that ARI blitzes all the time....

    Which is pretty much what we should do for the remainder of the season since we have like no secondary left!
  12. No Randle needs to just go. This guy displays no...

    No Randle needs to just go. This guy displays no emotion at all, and takes more plays off than the ones where he is actually playing. I wouldn't even rely on him if he was at the very bottom of the...
  13. The 4-3 hasn't gotten pressure/sacks in a while.....

    Time to switch to 3-4, and draft and/or pick through FA the personnel needed for this.
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    You heard me, he wants the job, he can have it! Let him come in and do the 3-4 defense if he wants, anything but watching this every week.....
  15. Why does it seems like so many things are going against us?

    - Massive injuries to key players, especially on defense
    - New offensive scheme that only Eli seems to be picking up
    - No veteran presence for our receiving corps......when Cruz went down we are...
  16. So there anything to look forward to this season?

    I will always watch but gotta be kidding me.
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    The numbers and the facts don't lie

    DRC - CONTRACT:5 yr(s) / $35,000,00
    Beason - CONTRACT:3 yr(s) / $17,000,000
    Geoff Schwartz - CONTRACT:4 yr(s) / $16,800,000
    Cruz - CONTRACT:5 yr(s) / $43,000,000

    I know Cruz's injury was during...
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    Thinking ahead to next year.....

    I think in the next draft we should go ahead and draft for the following:

    Victor Cruz: Want him back, prob won't perform the same = draft WR
    DRC: No offense but if he has had this issue with his...
  19. Looking at the remainder of our schedule

    I see 2-3 more wins tops, if we are lucky. And with the games that we have coming out of the bye.......queue the mid-season slide!!!
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    Sad and frustrated:(

    I feel like we sunk all this $$ into guys that are getting hurt/injured and because of that are unable to help us right now. Don't get me wrong I love Cruz, but we dump alot of $ into his contract...
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    My Logic to this years draft

    Flame me all you want, but the year before last the defense was the issue, and the draft following that year we went heavy on D. This last season the offense stunk it up, so it goes to reason that...
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    Waiting for the Draft Mock

    I say we trade down into the 1st and pick up an extra 2nd. This way we can really get a lot of what people are clamoring for.......

    1) Kony Ealy DE - We need pass rushers!
    2) Troy Niklas TE - I...
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    Post Combine Mock 2.0

    I have us keeping our 12th overall pick, BUT trading down in the 2nd round to pick up an additional 3rd rounder......

    1) Eric Ebron TE
    2) Donte Moncrief WR
    3) Weston Richburg C
    3) Bashaud...
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    Post Combine Mock Draft 1.0

    Went crazy this one....went HEAVY on the offense:

    1) Eric Ebron TE
    2) Donte Moncrief WR
    3) Marcus Martin C/G
    4) Charles Sims RB
    5) Charles Leno OT
    6) Ryan Carrethers DT
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    Question regarding Oline

    The consensus from scouts/draft analysts is that our interior oline needs to be revamped. If so why would we draft a OT like Lewan with our 1st pick? We already have Pugh at RT, and Beatty at LT...
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