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  1. Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights: Week 6 Pick em, Week 5 Results

    Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta Falcons--- BEARS
    Miami Dolphins vs. Houston Texans--- DOLPHINS
    Baltimore Ravens vs. Indianapolis Colts--- COLTS
    Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings--- VIKINGS
  2. Thread: whats a pm

    by jclk86

    Re: whats a pm

    It's like im-ing, I guess. You'll probably never use it.
  3. Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights: Week 4 Pick em, Week 3 Results

    Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers- Panthers

    Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals- Bengals

    Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars- Jaguars

    Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs-...
  4. Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights: Week 3 Pick em and Week 2 Results

    Atlanta Falcons vs Kansas City Chiefs-- <font color="#ff0000">Kansas</font> (Int fest? 14-13)

    Buffalo Bills vs. Oakland Raiders-- <font color="#ff0000">Bills</font> 28-9

    Chicago Bears vs....
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    Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights-Week 2 pick em

    Do you guys one better :P. I'll place down possible scores, as absurd as that is.

    Chicago Bears vs. Carolina Panthers- <font color="#800080">Panthers</font> 17-10

    Tennessee Titans vs....
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