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    Re: What's the best way to beat Atlanta?

    If you can do what Green Bay and New Orleans have done to us and exploit the secondary so that we can't get off the field on 3rd down, it could be a long day for us. We can wind up with some...
  2. Re: Can anyone tell me about the falcons defense?

    gmen0820 pretty much nailed it. Peters at DT has had some great games this year, and others where he and Babineaux are non-factors. Same as Abraham. Dunta Robinson (CB) and Thomas Decoud (S) are...
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    Re: Wheres all the Falcons Fans?

    Hi all. Another Falcon fan here. Looking forward to a great game with hopefully no injuries for either side. Seriously thinking about coming up for the game, your stadium looks awesome on TV. ...
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