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    weather= niners advantage?

    All ive kept hearing this week is the weather is going to be the niners advantage. Ive never been to new york but i didnt know you guys played in such a warm and sunny place? You guys must have some...
  2. mistake free football is the key to the game for the giants

    I was rewatchin the first meeting and if you guys can avoid the mistakes you very well win this game. The davis td= blown coverage, the crabtree td= very short field due to eli int, the only legit td...
  3. Re: i heard on Dirius this morning the Candlestick field is indeed below sea level

    They dont practice on the same kinda surface as candlestick. Their headquarters which is where their practice facility is, is about 45 minutes south of candlestick. Trust me theyll be just as used to...
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    Re: vernon davis= megatron?

    I do agree bigblue d you can effectively cover him one on one like we did in week 2 (yes im a cowboys fan and come in peace just here to let you know how the bay area is talkin about this game since...
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    vernon davis= megatron?

    Greg pappa the raiders announcer was on 95.7 the game this morning and said davis is megatron. I almost choked on my breakfast from laughing so hard. Im sorry you can make davis a non existance with...
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    Re: My experience at Candlestick as a Saints fan

    Doesnt surprise me one bit man. Their fans are garbage. The brian stow incident happened at dodger stadium but he is a sf giant fan. But yes the security there is the worse ive ever seen and their...
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    bay areas perspective

    So im a cowboys fan livin in the bay area and ive noticed you guys havin the niner fans all wrong. Theyre not as down to earth level headed fans as youre givin em credit for. Lets see, theyve said...
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