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  1. Odell Beckham Is The Best WR In The NFL.

    I know he has played only a few games, but what he has done is insane.
    He is the best.
    I believe no one is even close to him.
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    Welcome Back To The 1970s

    This Giants team is bad.
    Just like the '70s.
    And like the '70s, it will take time to fix this mess.
  3. Justin Tuck Getting It Done For The Raiders. Linval Doing Well With The Vikings.

    Our pass rush plays for other teams.
    That's the Jerry Reese way.
    Get rid of the good ones and keep players that don't produce.
    Nice job.
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    Reese has to go.
    This team is a joke.
    Little talent.
    Wasted draft picks and bad FA signings.
    This has gone on year after year.
    Get rid of him!!
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    The D is HORRIBLE.
    No pass rush.
    Can't cover.
    No linebackers.
    This defense stinks everywhere.
  6. Sorry, but I won't root for the Giants to lose because of draft position.

    I want to win every game.
    Go Giants!
    Next year will take care of itself.
  7. Tom Coughlin Should Be Coach Of The Year

    Any coach who can get three wins out of a crappy team like this deserves the honor.
    Jerry Reese should be fired.
    The team gets worse every year.
    I can't believe the lack of talent on the team. ...
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    Jerry Reese Built This Team

    All the credit for this team goes to Jerry Reese.
    He made the Giants what they are today.
  9. I May Rent A Plane This Week.

    What should my banner say?
  10. Goodbye Season. The Fat Lady Is Singing.

    This season is over.
    We have too many holes and a defense that can't stop anybody.
    It's over.
    We stink.
  11. Weston Richburg Injury Update

    Weston Richburg has a sprained ankle and is listed as day-to-day. ...
  12. With The 5th Pick In The 2015 NFL Draft, The New York Giants Select ...

  13. Throw in the loss of Prince now. It is...

    Throw in the loss of Prince now.
    It is unraveling fast.
  14. We Are A 6 - 10 Team At Best

    The Giants are not a good football team.
    We are a flawed, mistake filled team with many, many holes.
    We need a new start and a new direction.
    I love and respect TC and I feel he is a great...
  15. The Stars Come Out In Blue. Great Night To Get Fired Up.

    All-time greats will be on hand tonight.
    The country will be watching.
    Time to show up.
  16. Another Bad Game From The O-Line

    No run blocking and penalties that killed drives.
    This is a poor unit.
    With a top ten pick in the next draft, we must fix this mess.
  17. Bring On The Colts, Seahawks and 49ers!

    Our next three games.
    After the week off.
  18. Last Year At This Time, We Were 0 - 6

    We are a better team this year.
    However, the offensive line must get better or we will be 7 -9 again.
    It starts up front.
    Look at Dallas.
    Look at us every time we are good.
    Look at us when...
  19. No Surprise. We OWN the Redskins.

    2 and 2.
    We are coming on.
    However, we beat two teams we should beat and own.
    But, we are getting MUCH better.
    This season is slowing proving that the Giants are for real.
    Keep it going. ...
  20. At Last! There Is Promise in Giant Land!!

    We are getting better.
    You can see the team coming together.
    Yes, this is the Texans, but then, they were 2 - 0.
    We should be 2 - 2 in a few days.
    There is promise in Giant land.
  21. Too Many Mistakes At The Wrong Times

    5 exhibition games and two games into the season and we are talking mistakes at the wrong times.
    We played better today, but this team is out of sync and lacking big plays.
    We give up long gains...
  22. The worst QB in Giant history. Who are you...

    The worst QB in Giant history.
    Who are you kidding?
    Years of being the worst in the NFL.
    Struggled lately?
    You sir, are a jerk.
  23. How Many Picks Will Eli Throw?

    The worst QB in Giants History is setting the NFL turnover mark.
    How many picks today?
    Stop with the excuses.
    Eli is horrible year after year.
  24. report on Eli Manning: I'm not even sure he'd top the list of 32 quarterbacks

    Eli Manning doesn't even crack my list of top 24 quarterbacks this week. I'm not even sure he'd top the list of 32 quarterbacks.
    Link: ...
  25. Nothing against Eli. I thank him for what he...

    Nothing against Eli.
    I thank him for what he did.
    But what he did, is way in the past.
    He is getting worse by the year and a change is coming.
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