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  1. Re: We should trade up and get TE Coby Fleener

    Did I read correctly that Mario Manningham
    will not be playing with the Giants this season?
    Who will replace him at WR if this is true?
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    Re: Ahmad Bradshaw

    You get no argument from me on this one..
    Bradshaw shows up and comes thru...truly
    an asset. Guaranteed, we'll be seeing a lot more
    in the trenches as long as he stays healthy.
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    Re: Gisele mad at gmen fans

    Frankly, I don't think he wants to have dinner
    there anyway...
    Talk about a sore loser with no sense of dignity,
    this wench has it all in spades! Poor Tom, guess a woman needs more than a great...
  4. Re: Official SB XLVI Champions Thread - We did it guys!!!! We are the SB Champs

    My heart was beating so loud you could hear
    it even through the noise of the game!
    WOW!! Eli pulls it out in the 4th just as if he
    has divine intervention working for him.
    What a great team!! GO...
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    Re: I don't have a good feeling...

    How do you think I feel living in San Diego
    and everyone here hates Eli. I proudly wear my NY Cap and Giants workout shirts and they can all go kiss my you know what.
    The Giants WILL WIN THE...
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