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  1. Re: Martellus Bennett officialy a New York Giant

    The Giants have the best TE coach in the biz...Look what he's done with guys like Boss, Ballard and Pascoe...

    If anyone can bring it out of Bennett it's Mike Pope. And if he can't then the Giants...
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    Re: 2012 Not Looking Any Easier (Opponents)

    This schedule is actually very similar to the schedule the played after SB 42, and they started that season off 11-1 before Plax shot himself. I know the Niners are better & that game will be tough...
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    Re: The New Jersey Giants

    The whole calling the Giants being from NJ thing is such a weak, desperate way for other teams' ignorant fans to somehow demean the Giants. The Meadowlands are 7 miles away from midtown?...
  4. Re: Parcells 8-3 in Playoffs, Coughlin 7-3

    What's also coincidental and fantastic is that the Giants beat the Niners in SF in the NFC championship in '90, and did it again this year...let's hope they stay the course again.
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    Re: Funny 49ers fan reaction video

    also, who's the close personal individual to this little guy that decided the best thing to do was post this on the internet?

    Yikes, let me avoid friends like that for the rest of my life.

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    Re: Can we really do it a third time?

    Quarterback rematches have gone 2-0 in favor of the QB who won first.

    SB rematches have gone 3-2 in favor of the team who won the first time.

    And this Pats team is nowhere near is good as the...
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    Re: Bradshaw's Fumble

    Nice try man, and even Mike Pereira who always goes against the Giants agreed it was the right call w/o hesitation...He was stopped, and was clearly going backwards when the strip occurred...and as...
  8. Re: Niner fan here and I have one thing to say

    >><I honestly think he screwed up a once in a decade chance for the 49ers. Both the Giants and 49ers have a great chance at murdering the Pats.<<

    Really? I see the Niners being a force for the...
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    Re: 49ers trolls and media trolls... Stfu

    A lot of you fans are plain dumb. "living and dying" by turnovers (which is untrue btw) has nothing at all to do with the face that you guys lucked out. The Giants won and the 49ers lost, fine....
  10. Re: The 2008 similarities are quite eerie and unbelievable...

    Some more similarities...Parcells won SB's in his 4th and 8th year as head coach of the Giants, in cluding a win vs 9ers in SF on his way to the 2nd SB...Coughlin won a SB in his 4th yr & is...
  11. Re: Indianapolis fans may see their worst SB in history.

    They support Eli...Not sure how many Colts fans will attend, but you have to think it will give the Giants a slight crowd advantage from that standpoint
  12. Re: The 9ers will be too emotional and will cost them the game

    Don't think it will be an issue for the 9ers, if not at first...
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    Re: Go 49ers!!!

    "your one dimensional offense?"

    Funny that you can talk about offenses when your D & special teams are the ones putting your offense in many 50 yard FG's has Akers kicked & made?...
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    Re: Latest Giants Online

    That's good stuff, keeps the team loose
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    Re: The Walking Dead

    Great show...
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    Re: Spags meeting w/ NO brass

    Too bad, but it's better than the Eagles getting him
  17. Re: I think I figured out whats wrong with the Knicks

    They're unwatchable for the most part, terrible
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