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    1st pick for me would be

    Jalen Ramsey | Cornerback

    DT second round.

    Yes I know we need S, LB, OL,DE, WR
    etc etc
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    Why am I the only 1 who likes Wade. The guy will...

    Why am I the only 1 who likes Wade. The guy will be sick
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    Our Corners- what do you think

    I am going to say first off that I am big on

    DRC and Wade

    Prince - too much $$ and injury prone and kinda lost a step near end of year. Great tackler in run game and good on screen defense....
  4. I personally liked having Flowers in the lineup...

    I personally liked having Flowers in the lineup and he is tough kid. Every time he was maybe not going to play I was worried about the oline.

    I believe in the kid and would still like to see him...
  5. nvm he may retire. ignore me. I just had...

    nvm he may retire.
    ignore me.
    I just had visions of him making our team a little tougher.
  6. 50 million plus cap room and 10th pick in draft - Come on Reese geter done

    We need the following, make it happen!!!

    FS - someone who can cover the field. I dont know if you are going with what we have in house and the guys on IR or not.

    MLB - no Beason cant be counted...
  7. 2 offensive players I would like to go after

    Usually I dont like to name drop or at least not big names but imagine these 2

    Sanu - I like this kid very versatile. I dont think a lot of money needed to get him.
    He would be that other guy...
  8. I am giving SPAGs a pass for these reasons

    Think about this for a second starting with Safety position.

    Look at the injuries

    Nat Behre
    J Currie
    B Jackson
    M Thompson
    C Taylor
  9. Great draft spot and lots of CASH!! Lets hope...

    Great draft spot and lots of CASH!!
    Lets hope for less injuries and we will be fine.
    Sadly the NFC east wont be so bad like last year. So expect more fight from skins and Cowboys etc.
  10. It seems like we need a lot of bodies- but with $$$ and Draft picks we can do it

    I would focus on these spots below.

    Free safety - Can our IR players of this year come back and make it through a whole year ?? Berhe and M Thompson , Bennet Jackson ? along with SS Collins who...
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    maybe its the field turf or practice turf

    maybe its the field turf or practice turf
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    O line next year

    Will Beatty be back ? I hope so for reasonable price.

    I would move him LT and move Flowers to RT. Then along with swartz (who maybe can play a season) westburg and Pugh would be a nice o line....
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    Key to why we really sucked !

    Lets face it, look at the players we lost.

    Free safety M Thompson who was slated to start for the year on IR. Not to mention safety's injured in general forcing us to get street free agents.
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    Expect a new coach right away

    Before all the good ones get away.

    Browns, Dolphins, Eagles and a couple more will be looking for HC's. Wait too long and they will be gone.

    I expect giants to sign a big name to lessen the...
  15. Giants last game summed up almost every game this season

    No leaders
    bad tackling
    sloppy play
    inconsistent offense and defense
    no play makers (besides odell)
    cant stop anyone on defense (I guess Sags does need Stray and others) I will be first one to...
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    Man I miss the playoffs

    Its been too long.

    Enough said.
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    Look at past offseason draft-Free agency

    JPP - was the killer for us. but look at the rest of offseason

    Free agents.

    DE George Selvie
    TE Daniel Fells
    DT Kenrick Ellis
    CB Chykie Brown
    OL John Jerry
    RB Shane...
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    Good and Bad players -some unsung hero's


    JT Thomas - I was excited about him. He sucks !!
    Beason - made out of glass. Sorry get rid of him
    Kennard - great player but injury prone !!! Keep him but he belongs here for now.
    Unga -...
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    A thought about our future coach

    I have no idea who will get it but based on past coaching hiring's around the league. When a team is awful at some aspect of the field. Lets say Defense, usually the head coach that comes in to...
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    Sadly watching the VIkes last night

    They are actually a pretty crappy team. Not being bitter but. They arent very good and they some how put that many points on us.

    They cant pass protect, there passing game in general is not very...
  21. TC didnt have team ready, or the team didnt want to play for him

    Either way there needs to be changes.

    There were tons of passengers on this team last night. I actually bet against them and won money. I knew they would get blown out and be quitters.
    In the 1st...
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    Team sucks ! bottom line

    Good teams like carolina find a way to win, we find a way to loose.

    We are just not very good in general. We have some good pieces but a lot of SCRUBS.

    No passrush for most of the year. a...
  23. It will be interesting to see our Offense without Odell

    Does Randle show what he says he can do ?

    Will Tye + vareen see a lot of catches. I dont know where Vareen has gone to. I would give him 5-10 passes every game.
    More of a running game.

  24. Thread: Flowers Kudos

    by sheepdip

    We need 1 more of him to play right tackle.

    We need 1 more of him to play right tackle.
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    Ok then yes that would be some what of a dent. ...

    Ok then yes that would be some what of a dent.

    But fines to players who have been in the league and make in the millions. 10 thousand fine seems like a joke for committing a fine like act.

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