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  1. If You Can't Put Away The Games, Then You Can't Put Away The Division.

    You have to seal the deal.
    We have let too many teams come back to win games that were in the bag.
    When teams march down the field at will, that is the mark of a bad defense.
    When they do it...
  2. This Will Be A Very High Scoring Game

    Brady and Eli are going to light it up.
    Someones scoring 50.
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    Jon Beason Is Done As A Giant

    Jon Beason has not played in more than five games a season in the last six seasons.
    That means he misses at least eleven games a year, ALMOST EVERY YEAR.
    We can't count on him to be there.
  4. I Have Bashed Eli In The Past, But I Am Now A fan

    During Eli's first few years, I hated the guy.
    He was awful and I wanted him cut.
    The Giants were on the verge of cutting him and firing Coughlin as soon as the 2007 season ended.
    I liked TC,...
  5. What Will Brady Do In Two Weeks?

    Tom Brady will be thinking of records when he sees our defensive game tapes.
    I can't believe the D is this bad.
  6. JPP Passes Physical. To Sign Contract Today.

    We are about to have our pass rusher back.
    JPP has passed his physical and is talking with the Giants and they are working on a one year deal. ...
  7. JPP And Beatty Would Turn Things Around On The Lines

    As for JPP however, I don't think he will play for us again.
    With their first pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Giants select defensive end ...
  8. Finally, A Win Over Dallas!

    I'll take it, but we need to do better on both sides of the line.
    If Romo was playing, we would have lost.
    However, a win is a win.
    Hope Spags can figure out this D.
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    Do Or Die Game

    Beat Dallas and have a chance.
    Lose and have none.
    We have to take control, or else.
  10. ATTENTION: This Is What The Giants Need ...

    The Giants are not a good team.
    This game exposed what I thought.
    The Giants need two defensive ends, two linebackers, one cornerback, a safety, a guard, a tackle, a tight end and a running back....
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    People Are Laughing At Us

    All over the country.
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    Back To The Truth: We Stink!

    High hopes have been brought down to reality.
    The Giants are not very good.
    A lot of injuries yes, but we just don't have enough good players.
    This team is on Reese.
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    All alone, baby!
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    They Gave Us No Chance.

    Now we are tied for first and rolling.
    Take that experts.
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    We Are Back!

    They said we were done.
    We are not a good football team.
    Dallas will destroy this weak division.
    We started out 0 -2 and two games game.
    Now we are in a tie for first place.
    Dallas plays...
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    Giants Getting Better

    There is still some work to do, but I can see the Giants getting better and coming together as a team.
    We will be fine.
    Now lets hope the Saints beat Dallas.
  17. Big Win, But, We OWN The Redskins.

    Nice win, but we own the Redskins.
    All-time series now stands at: Giants 98 wins, Redskins 65 wins and 4 ties.
    Also, 5 straight wins.
    A better test will be at Buffalo.
  18. First Win, But, We OWN The Redskins.

    First win.
    However, we own the Redskins.
    All-time series now stands at Giants 98 wins, Redskins 65 and 4 ties.
    5 straight wins.
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    Please Cut Beason

    Beason has the best job in the world.
    He makes a LOT of money for doing nothing.
    You can't rely on him.
    He is out more than he is in.
    Just cut the guy.
  20. If two words were different, we would have two...

    If two words were different, we would have two wins ...
    James Jones.
  21. The Minute We Pull Close To Dallas, All Of You Will Jump Back On The Bandwagon.

    The Giants have played well most of the two games.
    Yes, there are problems.
    But those problems are fixable.
    No Coughlin team quits.
    We may be a ways from being a great team again, but some of...
  22. Can't Wait For The Daily News And The Post To Come Out

    This will be good reading.
  23. That No Trade Part Of Eli's Contract Does Not Matter

    No team would want him anyway.
  24. Dallas Could Have Blown Us Out

    Take away the turnovers and you have a game long over before the 4th quarter.
    I watched the game again and Dallas owned us.
    Even when it was close in the end, Dallas drove at will.
    AT WILL and...
  25. If $84 Million Dollars Brought Us this ...

    Then every starting QB (and a few backups) must ask for a raise.
    Eli Manning is an average QB and the Giants are stuck for 4 years of him.
    I can't wait for the 2020 draft.
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