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  1. Re: ARTICLE: Weatherford has best year without Westhoff

    Mike Westhoff went to the Rex Ryan school of public speaking. Idiot. Just a little more salt into the wounds of the Jets. Weatherford's hold was just as important as the kick itself...yes, resign...
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    Re: Help! Super Bowl Jersey!

    Try YUKI JERSEY....don't know what they have as far as Super Bowl..but excellent quality and really inexpensive for a real sewn jersey....check it out..again, don't know if they have SB or now, but...
  3. Re: We hate you more than you could ever imagine.

    Ummm loser...I hate to break this to you...but you keep referencing "we" "we" "we"'re not part of the team. It seems that you have some type of issue that you cannot get over that is much...
  4. Re: We hate you more than you could ever imagine.

    Dude....get a life. Your team just won and all you can is rip the giants from 4 years ago? Get out of your mother's basement and get outside a little. And you really need to get a life because you...
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