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    Re: Would you rather

    will you rather have a woman you know you will marry put out on the first day or wait till the honeymoon?a win is a win they are all satisfying....ive been married twice
  2. Re: Who will be the Giants suprise contributor in the SB?

    Not sure about this being a surprise contributor,
    How about Osi getting a strip sack or 2 and one of them becomes a touchdown for the defense.


    not a surprise really cause it is a big...
  3. Re: Who will be the Giants suprise contributor in the SB?

    eli loves tight ends...i do too...but i think hynoski will be the wild card...converting first downs on the flat route and scoring atleast one touchdown
  4. Re: The Redskins Coaches spill The Beans on how to Beat the Giants

    Giant coaches shared their secret to the Redskins on how to make the playoffs
  5. Re: On SNY Wheelhouse, Rodney Harrison said he trusts Eli more than Brady.

    after Eli showed that hit after hit after hit doesnt rattle him....almost everyone will pick him over any other qb in the NFL right now
  6. Re: Arguments for: Giants are the Flagship Franchise

    86...90....07...soon to be 11
  7. Re: Forty-WHINERS fans are really getting annoying

    next year the whiners wont make it that deep into the playoffs anymore..just imagine waiting a decade and coming that close to a superbowl appearance.....its like having will be...
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    Re: Jim Harbaugh is a 'sore losing" jerk!

    haha harbaugh didnt get any humble pie served to him. his gameplan was superior to coughlins. now im a billls fan but id happily accept my team getting as lucky as yours. point to stats like 1-13 on...
  9. Re: Why is Eli being an elite QB still a debate?

    even if eli wins this coming superbowl.....haters will just up the if he repeats as champ..that would shut everybody up
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    Re: Classless Harbaugh

    he didnt look TC in the eye cause he was about to cry......
  11. Re: Are you going to send any gifts to Kyle Williams?

    .no but Alex Smith should at least send a thank you card.. without KW's fumble in o/tAlex would've hadto keep pretending he's a qb

    your right without the fumble and the whiners still lost.....A...
  12. Re: Unsung heros in the Super Bowl...who ya got?

    hynoski w/ a TD by trucking someone into the endzone
  13. Re: Thats Right,Brady IS Darth Vader And Belicheck IS The Emperor!.

    rex ryan as jabba the hut
  14. Re: Thats Right,Brady IS Darth Vader And Belicheck IS The Emperor!.

    Gilbride as princess leah?
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    Re: Dave Tolleffson and His Mom

    i think they had a similar article posted last year. I didn't know that Tolly was an Iraq war veteran. Thanks for you contributions to this team and your country Dave, we appreciate it

    Its not...
  16. Re: Its all over the net that we only won because of thier punt returner

    this is why the Giants are so used to playing in the matter what they do..the media will always rain on their parade
  17. Re: I can't wait for arrogant Giants fans to get their comeuppance

    rice a roni and cheeseteak for this guy while watching the giants play in the superbowl
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    Re: Welcome to Indy! From a Colts fan.

    theres a manning on the superbowl in indy
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    Re: Where will you watch the game

  20. Re: What to Whip Niners just to hear that Tool Steve Young comments

    When asked what about the giants. He paused and said "the giants" are u kidding me

    Wasn't there something about being a "middling" team?

    Yeah, befoore we played the saints. He said we just...
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    Re: Hey G-men..;.

    how do you fit 4 49ers fan in a barstool?turn it upside down[6]
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    Re: Remember this New Yawkers

    You cant spell Eliminated without Eli :)

    thats right eli eliminated 9ers
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    Re: Tom Cruise is a Giants fan

    You had me at hello.</p>

    you are pretty cheap man...atleast ill let him take me to Mickey Ds first and grab me a dollar menu burger
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    Re: Hey G-men..;.

    You have no shot Sunday, Enjoy the Niners hammer job

    hammer job?sounds homoerotic....
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    Re: Vernon Davis After Party Already Scheduled

    its not like its a victory party
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