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    Re: A lot of Osi talk... heres another scenario

    You send him somewhere like the Jags or Cincinnati, you don't trade a good player like that to another winning team to make them better. That trade will make a good team great Osi still have a lot of...
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    Re: Mock draft

    No way. Adams is falling, IMO. He's unmotivated, inconsistant, and too weak to play starting tackle at an NFL level.

    He is also arguably the most purely athletic tackle in the draft...
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    Re: Mock draft

    Has us taking Bobby Massie with our first pick. No thanks.


    I would...
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    Re: Alshon Jeffery meets with the giants

    br>However, I think Gilbride will target receivers that are big and smart, and can run the right sight options on their route.

    A smart receiver will do well in our system.

    I was thinking...
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    Re: Assume we trade Osi

    Kiwi goes back down on the line</P>

    Do we draft Zac Brown # 32 overall?</P>

    I doubt we trade Osi (we wouldn't get the value he provides playing out his contract).

    And even if we do we have...
  6. Re: And with the 32nd pick in the 2012 NFL draft..

    And with the 64th pick in the 2012 NFL draft..

    The New York Football Giants select - Mike Martin, DT, Michigan

    Try: Casey Hayward, CB, Vanderbilt
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    Re: Aaron Ross #8 tackling cornerback 2011-2012

    His tackling numbers are good because he does not stop recievers from catching the ball, he rather tackle them. He cover skills are terrible and I wish him be gone already.

    You got it right. Of...
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    Re: Victor Cruz turned down Kate Upton

    Kate Upton has been rumored to be with Mark "Dirty" Sanchez. Since when do Giants players take Jets sloppy seconds? Never!!!!</P>

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    Re: Chad Jones... really?

    If a guy with one hand can play professional baseball, I'm not counting anyone out.

    Ah Jim Abbott. Lets not forget he threw a no-hitter in the majors as well. That just goes to show Chad Jones...
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    Re: Manninghams gone,Steve Smith returns?

    Steve Smith knows Gilbride's complicated offense. That's why I would take him over other potential FA WR's.

    If some how they dont resign MM, lets see what we have in Devin Thomas, Jernigan...
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    Re: Would you take steve smith back?

    If healthy yes, otherwise no...

    Thats one reason. Another reason is that he knows Kevin Gilbride's complicated system, so he'd have a better chance then say a drafted rookie at making the...
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    Re: We need O-Line drafts, FA..

    Cordy Glenn or Peter Konz.

    I like Glenn. Maybe Mike Adams for RT or Kevin Zeitler at LG.

    I think the Giants should let Ross, McKenzie, and Goff walk. Remember now, the Giants can't sign a FA...
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    Re: JPP didnt show up

    They were holding him on just about every play.... He presence was felt for sure as Brady was moving from. Him all game

    His presence was there. But there were a few plays when he dropped back...
  14. Re: Craig Carton forced to quit job giants win SB

    Well, at least someone came across on a SB bet:


    I bet she was hoping...
  15. Re: Austin, Beatty, Herzlich, Prince and Jernigen

    If Marvin Austin stayed in shape (no reason he couldn't run on a treadmill everyday) and keeps his conditioning up, I think he'll be very effective next season. Especially since he'll be single...
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    Re: Eli better than Brady?

    On ESPN First Take this morning, they had a discussion if Eli is the new Tom Brady. Rob Parker made the argument the Eli is BETTER than Brady is and ever was. While I am a die hard giants fan and...
  17. Thread: We *** lost

    by Mr. Zolo

    Re: We *** lost

    I'll admit I was livid that the Giants couldn't stop Welker and Woodhead (that sounds like a bad law firm name). There was no answer for them unless Welker dropped those passes.
  18. Re: But wait, was Bradshaw selfish on the last TD?

    I honestly think he tried to stop and his momentum took him in. I don't think he expected it to be that easy

    He tried falling down instead of taking a knee. Needs to work on take a knee in the...
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    Re: So delusional over on Pats Boards

    Then they go on to say that we won a lot of our games because we were aided by the Refs????? Really???

    Obviously they didn't watch the Giants/Packers game if they said this.
  20. Re: The Pats boards are not overreacting to Giants SB Champs error

    That Coach and Coleman show on ESPN Radio was doing everything they could to make it a big deal for the Patriots. Granted it was expected, but they went overboard.
  21. Re: I dont believe Gronkowski will be hobbled on Sunday...

    If Gronk plays, you know the Giants are going for the ankle (like any othe rteam would do, so don't call it dirty). If he doesn't play, then the Giants still need to worry about Welker and...
  22. Re: How will the Giants try to contain Patriots TEs Gronkowski and Hernandez?

    <SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: 'Times New Roman'; COLOR: black; FONT-SIZE: 12pt; mso-bidi-font-size: 8.5pt; mso-fareast-font-family: 'Times New Roman'; mso-ansi-language: EN-US; mso-fareast-language:...
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    Re: Annoyed with people....

    BB had 2 weeks to gameplan 4 years ago and look how that turned out. It doesn't mean anything.

    As long as the Giants show up and be effective in their gameplan and put the pressure on Brady.
  24. Re: I keep hearing that just about everybody is picking the Giants. This could be a bad sign

    I see this as everyone jumping on the bandwagon of the hot team right now. Where were they when the Giants lost to the Redskins and were 7-7?

    As long as Giants fans believe the Giants will win,...
  25. Re: I dont believe Gronkowski will be hobbled on Sunday...

    they will tape him up and shoot him up. No body really knows how sprained his ankle was or is. You hear all these other players saying it takes like 4 weeks to heal. Well maybe it wasnt as bad as...
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