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  1. Everyone wants the Safety that can do it all (...

    Everyone wants the Safety that can do it all ( Play inside the Box and Defend the Pass Deep ) well if there are only players left, who can do one or the other, can't we just find a guy who is a...
  2. Awhile back I heard Gil Brandt Say This On Sirius, About Gauging Draftees

    Hurt players stay Hurt, Fat players stay Fat, and Dumb players stay Dumb. ( Of course he was stating what they used to say when he was Drafting for the Cowboys ) I wonder if that theory is still into...
  3. You Willy, Nilly, Silly, Philly Fans just can't...

    You Willy, Nilly, Silly, Philly Fans just can't stop talking about Ducks can you ? Well that's what half your team is anyway.
  4. We could use an O-Lineman, D-Lineman, LBer, And Safety

    Except for OL and DL which could very well be addressed in the 1st 2 Rds, We are in pretty good shape. Their is one thing that the Colleges and Pros have in common ( As far as FA's and Draftees are...
  5. Thanks for CLUING ME IN, I really need to finish...

    Thanks for CLUING ME IN, I really need to finish my 1st cup of coffee before I post. I am very interested in seeing Ellis paired up with Big Hank. ( How would you like to pay their Grocery Bill ? )
  6. Well I can Envision Many Happy Returns

    I can tell your not a JR fan. It's ok, I used to have to defend EA. But to say that a rookie making the minimum salary will have better numbers than Harris is speculation. ( What rookie?, what...
  7. Newest Giants, Not Training Camp Fodder

    Our newest Members of Big Blue are not Bit Players, they are Role Players. Each has his own job responsibility. Harris, Casillas STS. Thomas- Dime LBer, possible starter. Kendrick- space eating DT,...
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    Didn't the guy have 10 sacks in 2 years ? If that...

    Didn't the guy have 10 sacks in 2 years ? If that is correct, how many did Kiwi have in that same span ?
  9. Yeah, Yeah, Thats What I Meant

    Of course I was referring to ELLIS KENDRICK. Now that you have been clued in, any thoughts ?
  10. Big Blue Fans Most Knowledgeable, Maybe Too Picky

    If you look at the FA's the Giants have signed, who can say we are not a better football team? Vereen, haven't we fans been screaming for the screen pass? Shane's World is coming. Kendricks, how many...
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    Or Maybe After The Beating She Took, She Was Threatened Into Silence

    When you have power, money, and the best lawyer money can buy, you can intimidate and persecute anyone. IMHO this person's mouth has been shut up by Garbage who has money to burn.
  12. New blood is always the infusion that...

    New blood is always the infusion that reinvigorates a team. Blue Chippers, Solid players, Diamonds in the rough ( Remember Myron Guyton ? ) This is where NFL teams need to make their bones. This...
  13. There Is A Front End And A Back End Of FA

    Mr. Mara is correct about filling the roster with players on the back end of FA. What Suh got was over spending on steroids. The safety in New England never wanted to leave. ( He played the Patsies,...
  14. He will not Play Before Thanksgiving, Maybe Not Even After That

    The NFL Commissioner and NFL Headquarters will be under fire if that happens. Hardy didn't become suspended indefinitely until he signs with a new club. A year suspension at the least. The commish...
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    The Farce Which Is FA

    FA was never a good way to build your team, deep down everyone knows it. Remember the " Dream Team " ? Those coach's and players are long gone. FA was always about bit players 1-3 never 4-8 players....
  16. I Don't Attack Men Of Faith

    Tim Tebow did just fine down here as a Gator. Say what you will but he did beat the Steelers.
  17. Sorry About The Typo's

    NY 4-1

    Seattle 1-2

    Empty Nest 0-2
  18. Yeah We All Saw How that Worked Out

    The Seaclucks are 2-1 we're 1-4, you're 0-0
  19. It's Like Clubbing Baby Seals

    The Feather Brains couldn't do it with Westbrook, couldn't do it with Shady, and the Cow Pies couldn't do it with DeMarco Murray. When will you Bird Brains in Philly and the Dallas Dingbats realize,...
  20. JR's Not Doing Cannonballs In The Deep End, But we're Out Of The Kiddie Pool

    A pass catching RB, a return Ace, A G/T that for once can fill in for a starter . LBer can play multiple positions.
  21. I never said that, you just did. ( meaningless)

    I never said that, you just did. ( meaningless)
  22. Big Blue Will Dive In During Second Wave Of Free Agency

    JR always says there are 3 waves to free agency. IMHO I never did want that safety from BB Land. What would be his incentive ? He'd have a SB ring, and a Fat new contract. ( Time to relax go through...
  23. Will The Jets Ever Learn With These WR Retreads ?

    Braylon Edwards, Percy Harvin, now here comes Brandon Marshall. All with huge price tags.
  24. For many years my favorite Giants beat writer was...

    For many years my favorite Giants beat writer was David Klein of the Newark Star Ledger. However when something really big happens ( Especially after a Giants SB win ) I always look forward to the...
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    We Can No Longer Go With A " One Trick Pony "

    Orlando was a good tackle but an even better guard. Gotta go with versatility. ( Besides Franklin loves protecting QBs with the last name Manning )
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