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    Re: Looks like Mario might not even start.

    I bet Mario has the biggest season out of all their WRs

    Somehow I doubt it, I am sorry but there is a reason NY let him go, he made a big play in the SB sure, but it wasn't a difficult play...
  2. Re: When Redskins fans talk to Pats's like watching glue sniffing!!

    Lisa Lester looks like a bandwagon fan, Pats first, Cowboys second and I am sure that the Saints/Green Bay is third and fourth on her list.

    I love how she says that she was a true fan, yet never...
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    Re: He's A HOFer- No Contest!

    Are you serious lets do some actual math 2012-2008= 4

    Feb 3 2009 would of been 1 year since winning the Superbowl
    Feb 3 2010 would of been 2 years since winning the Superbowl
    Feb 3 2011 would of...
  4. Re: Green Bay Packers message boards are filled with sore losers

    I think it is because we went into their house twice now within this decade and kept them from the super bowl that many thought was darn near a lock. That will leave a bad taste in your mouth.
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    Re: Farewell AFC, We Knew Thee Well

    Texans have a nice fairly young team and one of the best running backs and receivers in the NFL but Schaub worries me with his injury problems, I was surprised that the Texans didn't make a run at...
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