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    ahahah this is my lighter side ! All kidding...

    ahahah this is my lighter side !

    All kidding aside, I have been a big Reese supporter since he was named our GM. You can go back a few years and see my posts.

    He has missed on some picks thou.
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    Good Job Reese and others

    All the pieces were necessary and upgrades in my books.

    You break down every player, they are all smart moves and some of the So called experts are starting to realize.

    Think of how many times...
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    a comment about Linval Joseph !!!

    I guess we could have afforded him after all ?

    With all the money that went to various FA takes away the fact that we couldnt afford him.
    I know we had a lot of holes but I am sure they could...
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    good points.

    good points.
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    Drafting Ebron makes too much sense

    Even thou I was against this pick early before FA started but now it makes too much sense.

    1 we need a TE
    2 can improve our offense in the passing game which takes away a big need for a wr in a...
  6. I am thinking free agency took away our needs for...

    I am thinking free agency took away our needs for RB, OL and LB.
    bascially Ebron and DE, WR ? Centre for draft.
  7. I am a little surprised with all these Guards being added !

    I figured this draft was strong with guards and guards usually dont go in 1st round so bascially 2nd round and possibly 3rd round we would be able to get a stud guard. But we keep adding them so...
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    KO returns are down and more Touch backs, you...

    KO returns are down and more Touch backs, you must know that ?
    But I guess to replace Mundy and offer a return game is good enough. I forgot about Mundy release and wasnt thinking about that when I...
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    Manningham would be a nice addition

    He would be cheap and a great addition to this team.

    I like this big time. Another smart move by Reese.
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    Question about the Demps addition

    I am not po pooing on the signing, but 1 point I will bring up is that kick off returns arent that much of a part of football as it was 2 years ago. Dont you recall Hester complaining about this. Do...
  11. Can giants do something crazy on draft day ?

    Draft a QB ?

    Ha dont laugh it could happen...

    At 12 we could get one for the future.
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    So un original

    So un original
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    Do the bucs want him ? that bad. Jets obviously...

    Do the bucs want him ? that bad.
    Jets obviously didnt want him that bad either.

    I guess most ppl didnt see him pull up or shy away from tackles in the running game.

    Sorry he is no Deion...
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    No Revis for me

    Am I the only 1 that doesnt want this guy ?

    Not saying he isnt good because he was very very good with the JETS in his best years but watching him last year hmmmm

    How do I sum it up for those...
  15. Are you dumb ?

    Are you dumb ?
  16. TE Free agents

    Sad looking bunch.

    Also a lot of ppl here are in love with Finley ??? why he is actually a soft player has questionable hands.
    I am not saying we have better guys on board but lets ease off how...
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    I am sorry Rolle isnt that good !

    He has games were he is missing then he has some moments during games. Maybe if he didnt talk so much I would appreciate him more but with his salary and inconsistency I would let him walk. Too much...
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    What OC would even want to come here ???

    TC's way or the highway, heck we cant even call a trick play or mis direction when we were out of the playoffs in a meaningless games ?.

    We have the 4 time League interception Champion as QB
  19. Question about corners in the NFL including the giants

    I watch a ball thrown to that skinny runt D Jackson and the corner is there and he looses position and cant make play on ball.

    So many times I see corners in good position only to loose to wr on...
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    Please get a 3rd down back

    Sproles type player is so valuable.

    You wonder why Sean Payton goes after a guy like this. Look what he brings to the table.

    Giants of all teams should realize this remember Dave Megget ??? ...
  21. and when he doesnt he will make good plays. Lets...

    and when he doesnt he will make good plays. Lets be honest he is a better qb then eli is.
  22. Watching other teams offenses and thinking of ours

    Especially the qb position and I watch someone like Foles who seems to not panic and has ball skills and can shift around in the pocket and dump off the ball etc. Now why on earth does Eli not have...
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    Well then why in the last few games of the year...

    Well then why in the last few games of the year that were meaningless, how come we didnt go to Nassib ???? this is my problem with this team.
    Why not run the ball more ?? why not get the ball off...
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    TC needs to go

    I know this wont happen but, he is a big part of this problem and his stubbornness will hurt this team mark my words.

    He made his mark step down.....
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    Glad the owners are stepping up!

    Because if not TC wouldnt have changed a thing as he is such a stubborn old man.

    Its like banging your head against the wall over and over.

    Im glad the owners want change. Yes its our first...
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