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  1. Jerry Reese should handle the 1st round and undrafted free agents

    It seems to be where he is at his best. Get someone else in here to handle rounds 2-7 and Free Agency.
  2. Since we are bringing back Giants from the past, why not Barry Cofield?

    I believe he had some injury concerns, which why he was release by Washington. Why not kick the tires here? Any idea why no one signed him this offseason?
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    Innconsistency defines this team

    This is not 2007...
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    Played well for his first game back, but did not...

    Played well for his first game back, but did not use any leverage at all in his game. Defenses will game plan around the speed rush now and force him to bull rush, which could change everything....
  5. We have to be the only NFL team w/ 3 undrafted TE on the roster

    Personally, they should give Jerry responsibility for identifying undrafted free agents and let someone else handle our drafts. It might honestly turn our drafts around. While I think it's terrible...
  6. A trade for Tamba Hali would make too much sense

    This is the trade we need to make. A proven pass rusher that can help us this year and we could potentially resign next year as well. Let's gooooo Reese!
  7. Reese's inability to bring a quality TE to this team

    Do something Reese, enough dumpster diving with UDFA at TE for our offense. Trade one of the picks you are going to bust on anyway for an established starting quality TE like Jared Cook or any...
  8. I think a trade for a pass rusher would be a wise...

    I think a trade for a pass rusher would be a wise move by Reese & Co. With Reese's potential job hanging in the balance with another year of missing the playoffs and our current first place lead in...
  9. If Reese wants to keep his job, he needs to trade for IMPACT players now

    I think it's time to get aggressive, as Mara has made it clear that it's either playoffs or find another job for most of the front office.

    With our poor draft history and a weak NFC East this...
  10. I like Cunningham, definitely showed some...

    I like Cunningham, definitely showed some promise, but we need him healthy to see more
  11. Fells on IR; We need to trade for a real TE NOW!

    Sorry, but we can can not afford to wait until next season to acquire a TE in draft/Free Agency. Picking up TE's off the street just makes absolutely no sense and Donnell has proved to be...
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    Hands of stone

    Hands of stone
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    Donnell is a 3rd string TE on any other NFL team

    Donnell is a 3rd string TE on any other NFL team
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    Sign Phil Taylor!

    Released by the Browns, former 1st round pick, let's get a real run stuffing DT on this line next to Hankins. Tired of watching Kuhn getting pushed around all day.
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    While I don't like to see anyone injured, this...

    While I don't like to see anyone injured, this might actually be a blessing in disguise. Reese and the coaching staff somehow believe he was good enough to start in the NFL. All I've seen so far is...
  16. Newhouse getting destroyed by 2nd stringers

    We can not going into the season with him staring at tackle, some of the west pass protection I have seen by a 'starting' nfl tackle
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    Sign Gosder Cherilus!

    This is the move we need to make to bolster our OL. Proven Tackle that can play in this league. Coming off some injuries, but could make an impact for us when healthy and gives us some more depth and...
  18. For such a big dude, Flowerz seems to get pushed...

    For such a big dude, Flowerz seems to get pushed back very easily in pass protection when Gregory bull rushes him. Hopefully Flowerz can improve in that area.
  19. While I hope this kid works out, you can't argue...

    While I hope this kid works out, you can't argue that it bad business to draft someone you could have drafted in the 7th round or not used a draft pick on at all. Equivalent to over paying for an...
  20. Jerry "I can't draft outside the 1st Round" Reese

    In the 1st round I trust....after that our talent evaluation system breaks down...
  21. Our special teams are going to be sick!!

    Said no team ever, but that's what our free agency signings have been building up to. Role players are great, but impact players win games.
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    Scott Chandler released by Bills

    Ex-Giant, would make a lot of sense for us as some solid depth at TE. Also, and upgrade over all our current TEs.
  23. Giants considering a run at defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh: sources

    Don't know how we would fit his salary under the cap, but our Defense line would be tough to beat if we signed him.
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    Arik Armstead, Oregon, 6-8, 290: "Big as hell and...

    Arik Armstead, Oregon, 6-8, 290: "Big as hell and very talented. But lazy at times and he's been hurt, too. It's hard to say what you're going to get from him. Talent says he's a first-round pick,...
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    Trade up for Leonard Williams

    If it cost us only a 1st round pick next year, would you trade up to say #3 to get him? The kid looks like the real deal. Imagine him next to JPP!
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