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    Why is Eli Manning not considered Elite?

    He has 2 super bowl rings. The only other Qb's in the league with that are Tom Brady of course with 3 and Ben Roethesberger.

    Peyton manning is considered elite obviously because he is the best...
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    How tall is Victor Cruz really?

    He's listed at 6'0 but he looks shorter than that.
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    Best College Football Team vs Worst NFL Team

    I know this topic has been mentioned over and over and people say how the best college team has no chance at beating the worst NFL Team. And you have guys like Mike Golic said it wouldn't even be...
  4. I just find it funny how he succeed so much and...

    I just find it funny how he succeed so much and fast in the nfl in his 1st 2 years and he sucked while in UMASS. Think about it. YOu have guys who get undrafted or drafted very late in rounds and...
  5. Anyone here thinks Victor Cruz is product of the Giants system?

    I'll be honest here. This guy to me is a good WR but i dont consider him elite. Is there a reason why he got undrafted? He played for Umass so he had to play against weak competition there and he...
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