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  1. We just faced NE and we are due to face CAR....

    We just faced NE and we are due to face CAR....
  2. Jeez I said c.....o.....c....k....y.

    Jeez I said c.....o.....c....k....y.
  3. The only other ****y QB that I can't stand

    Is Cam.......guy is so arrogant, makes me sick. Him and Brady are st the top of my list, both with their smug looks. Both have that grin that just eats away at you....

  4. Poll: Thats my point........we no longer have whats...

    Thats my point........we no longer have whats needed for a good 4-3. So what does it matter if we switch it up?
  5. Poll: Would you open to the NYG going to 3-4 Defense next season?

    Which of these guy could do good in a 3-4:

    Jasper Brinkley 30
    Jonathan Casillas 28
    Mark Herzlich 28
    Devon Kennard 24
    James Morris 23
    J.T. Thomas 27
    Uani Unga 27
    Damontre Moore 23
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    My 3 cents on the loss....

    I saw the whole 1st half, but not the second. Watched the highlights afterwards. I agree that we could won this one....honestly I feel that if Eli hadn't have had the sack fumble on him in the 1st...
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    Re-sign him if its for...

    Re-sign him if its for cheap...................that guy is not gonna be worth even the 60 mil we offered him. WE should go 3-4 D, but I know we won't. We need to draft a solid pass rushing DE, and a...
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    I think somebody already called it

    After this season we need to cut Beason/Beatty/JPP. Baring some colossal effort by JPP these last 8 games........I don't see us giving this guy the huge contract he was asking for before. Now if that...
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    the most amusing thing about OBJ is

    Its only his second season in the league, and analysts already dub him as an "elite" WR. It took those before him many seasons to get that title.....he gets it in one and a half.......LOL
  10. We need to start using some old Spags formations

    Line up DE as DT. like he did with Tuck.........insert Moore inside the DL instead of outside. Maybe he can get some leverage on a T, NE's C and RG are Rookies........c'mon there has to be something...
  11. I will be honest, I watched part of the WASH...

    I will be honest, I watched part of the WASH game........their D didn't look that overwhelming. I say Eli can do what he wants with that defense, its the O I am worried about.
  12. We need to treat this game like we did SB in 07'

    Like Strahan was telling the guys before that game, undefeated team, best team in the league, we don't have any chance..........Its like reverse psychology. They need to play like the odds are...
  13. We all know by now what Belichick does.....

    He takes away your strongest asset on offense, so OBJ will be double/triple teamed all day. So we will need the others to really show up, because NE is not gonna let Beckam see the light of day.....
  14. If we could just get some sort of a pass rush...

    If we could just get some sort of a pass rush going.........
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    You wold think at this point what has Reese got...

    You wold think at this point what has Reese got to lose.......he is probably going to lose his job son anyways....
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    I think guys like Kennard and Moore could thrive...

    I think guys like Kennard and Moore could thrive in a 3-4. I think they would be better suited to rush the QB from that type of scheme.
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    Next season we should go 3-4 Defense

    Why not? We clearly have no talent left for 4-3, outside of Hankins. Why not pickup some LBs in the draft/FA and develop a pass rush from there?
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    Offense looks great though.....

    Seriously cookin with oil today.
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    Call me whatever

    I want all our guys back/healthy, including Cruz, for the NE game. I want to throw everything we have at them.........
  20. If you haven't figured out it out yet......

    With NO pash rush to offer, WE make every team's opposing QB look like Tom Brady.
  21. Should we move on from Cruz & JPP after this season?

    What say ye? Even though JPP hasn't seen a dime yet this season, should we really sink a large chunk of change into these 2 going forward? I mean Cruz has been basically been drawing a paycheck each...
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    Wishlist for 2016 draft day

    I will try to put these in the order of importance:

    1) DE
    2) WR/TE
    3) MLB
    4)DT or OL
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    Our D will never improve and/or get better over the season without a pass rush. We have no shot.........there is no way you can expect us to have a fighting chance against teams like NE, GB, etc...
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    No pass rush = no pass rush

    Sorry but we would be doing a lot better defensively period if we have some sort of pass rush getting pressure. But since we can't get pressure even the worst QB looks dynamite against our D.
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    None of them.......I want to draft and develop a...

    None of them.......I want to draft and develop a WR. NOT overpay for someone!
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