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    Running Back (Donald Brown) SIGN HIM please

    Running Back (Donald Brown) SIGN HIM please
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    We Losted a game we surely should have won !!...

    We Losted a game we surely should have won !! however there are a lot of positives to take away for the game 1, Three receivers with 100 yds each !! Pugh played a very good game as did Brewer all we...
  3. It's just the Jests trying to stay in the...

    It's just the Jests trying to stay in the limelight Oh and by the way it's not a misspell (JEST)
  4. Re: The more I hear about Pats, the more BS they sound.

    I also think the Gronk's injury is very misleading and he might be faking it after all he did return to the game so i doubt if it's less the 80%
  5. Re: Do You Think The Giants Will Come Out Running The Ball or Throwing Ball

    I truly believe they will come out running the ball first 2 plays to test the waters
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    Re: Congratulation Giant Fans!!!

    Wow! Another epic battle that will go down as a classic matchup. It will be on the highlight reels 20 years from now. Do our teams put on a show or what? Anyway, you won, you deserve it. My hats off...
  7. Thread: Eli the MVP

    by Newark56

    Re: Eli the MVP

    First of all if you hate Eli then there's no way you're a Giants fan !!!!!!!!! He's our QB so either you're (ALL IN) or just plain against us ! Go BLUE, In the words of the last Great James Brown...
  8. Re: Green Bay BEWARE... the Giants are coming back into your home

    Giants 3 Ryan's 0 Go blue !!!!! And if you think GB wanted to play Big
    Blue again you're Nuts after winning a game in the regular season that
    they know should have been a lost, all I can say is...
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