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  1. Re: Im gonna bet Reese doesnt take a TE or OL in first

    Tight End.</P>

    Dwayne Allen,Coby Fleener or Greene?</P>

    I think Reese will draft late rounds for TEs, look at our TEs</P>

    Boss 5th</P>
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    Re: 2012 Draft Film Room

    I am starting a study on all WRs in the draft and this films are amazing!
    After a couple of games, Blackmon looks like a Steve Smith copy, great possesion reciever, quick, the height difference is a...
  3. Im gonna bet Reese doesnt take a TE or OL in first

    The last 5(however long Reese has been here) drafts have been BPA in the 1st, excluding 05, =we needed a LB or OL the last 2 drafts; DE and CB instead. Hes going to go BPA.</P>

    What do you think...
  4. Re: Giants Super Bowl XLII ring from Tiffany's on sale for $47,995 at

    Actually if you email me them an inquiry about the ring, they WILL tell you who's on it. I remember a ring being sold awhile back, It was some practice squad scrub.
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    Re: Blackouts Possible, but Not Likely

    Don't care cuz I will be there lol
  6. Re: just to put u on break from a long rough 8w8loss season whats ur favorite players? and how?

    mines kenny phillips and steve smith kenny becuase hes a good defender and hes really a nice guy steve smith cause he catchs hard stuff like against asoughama they were so fast and asoughma just ran...
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