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  1. Re: At the risk of "someone" going nuts and trying to get this thread removed.............

    I like Tony Romo. I'm a Cowboys hater to the bone, but you can't help but love his attitude and his approach to every snap. Unfurtunately he's going to be a thorn in our sides for a long time. I'll...
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    Re: Why all the hatin on Briggs?

    The one thing i worry about is Briggs being a product of that defense. Standing next to urlacher, anyone would look good. Thats why I believe we should go for the draft instead.

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    Why all the hatin on Briggs?

    I don't wany any yelling or insulting either way, keep things civil!</P>

    How come everyone is so against the Giants trading for Briggs? Now i don't think this deal is going to happen, but I...
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