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    I am absolutely SICK of the arrogance and overconfidence of this team, it's gotten to a point where it's getting me really annoyed. It's as if our whole team (besides Eli and Bradshaw and a few other...
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    Re: Dont take loss seriously Giant fans

    We saw shots of your defensive line and linebackers just smiling and laughing on the sideline down 20 somewhat points.* They are going to get paid no matter what , so while the mess of yall are...
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    Sticky: Re: DID YOU KNOW??

    What Giant rookie RB ran for a 90+yard TD on his first ever carry in a preseason game?

  4. Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights: Wild card Weekend Pick em, Week 17 results

    Atlanta Falcons vs. Arizona Cardinals: FALCONS
    Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego Chargers: COLTS
    Baltimore Ravens vs. Miami Dolphins RAVENS
    Philadelphia Eagles vs. Minnesota Vikings: EAGLES
  5. Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights: Week 14 Pick em, Week 13 results

    Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Chicago Bears: Bears
    Cleveland Browns vs. Tennessee Titans: Titans
    Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants: Giants
    Minnesotta Vikings vs. Detroit Lions: Vikings
  6. Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights: Week 13 Pick em, Week 12 results

    Tennessee Titans vs. Detroit Lions: Thanksgiving freebie win for all
    Seattle Seahawks vs. Dallas Cowboys: Thanksgiving freebie win for all
    Arizona Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Thanksgiving...
  7. Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights: Week 10 pick em, Week 9 results

    Week 10 games:

    Denver Broncos vs. Cleveland Browns: We all will get an automatic win for this game
    New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons: FALCONS
    Tennessee Titans vs. Chicago Bears: BEARS...
  8. Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights: Week 9 Pick em, Week 8 Results

    My Week 9 Picks:

    New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills- BILLS
    Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears- BEARS
    Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Cincinnati Bengals- JAGUARS
    Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns- RAVENS...
  9. Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights: Week 7 Pick em, Week 6 Results

    San Diego Chargers vs. Buffalo Bills: BILLS</p>

    New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers: CAROLINA</p>

    Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears: BEARS</p>
  10. Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights: Week 3 Pick em and Week 2 Results

    WEEK 3 PICKS</P>


    Atlanta Falcons vs Kansas City Chiefs-- <FONT color=#0000ff>Atlanta
    Buffalo Bills vs. Oakland Raiders--<FONT color=#0000ff> Bills</FONT>
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    Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights-Week 2 pick em

    Chicago at Carolina-Chicago</P>

    Buffalo at Jacksonville-Jacksonville</P>

    Oakland at Kansas City-Kansas City</P>

    Indianapolis at Minnesota-COLTS</P>
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