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  1. Parcells Would Turn This Somewhat Weakness Into A Major Strength

    He would run the laces off that football. You could not have a better combination. A HC that knows a thing or two about Smash-Mouth Football, and a OC who likes to get rid of the ball quickly and let...
  2. Schwartz Side By Side With Flowers, Will Impose Their Will On A Defense

    No matter how you configure the OL, these two Beasts have got to be on the same side.
  3. We Have Tackles, We Have Guards, We Have Centers

    We have 2 # 1 Draft picks as OT's and they are not busts, they are starters. We have Centers ( 3 Of Them ) and we have Guards ( Lots of Guards ) It is not as if we have trash along our OL. You do not...
  4. Pugh Will Man The Left Tackle Position

    Flowers on the right side at ROT and Schwartz at RG will Maul defenders for the running game. Pugh like D. Deihl before him will prove the critics wrong. LOG is the open pos.
  5. OT's Aren't Going Anywhere, It's The Guards That Need Reshuffling

    David D. was drafted as a Guard, and he played ROG and LOG. But he also played RT and LT. A lot of folks didn't think we had a LT on our team, except the OL. We won 2 SBs with the guy no one thought...
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    Now More Than Ever We Need Our " Swiss Army Knife "

    Pugh can play multiple pos. on the line, He was a LT in college. I believe Pugh had nothing more than a sophomore slump ( It happens to the best of them ). We cannot afford to let our most important...
  7. Will JPP Be Spag's Top Attack Dog ? Or Will He Tuirn The Kids Loose ?

    Big mouth Ross Tucker on Sirius radio has said he's heard from Giant players that JPP will lay down after big payday. I beg to differ ( Even though I have no anonymous sources from Giant players to...
  8. Lets Get One Thing Straight

    Eli never had a conversation with the Chargers exclaiming "I will not play for you". Archie went and asked Spanos to please not draft Eli. He did that in confidence, he didn't announce it or leak it...
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    Spy-Gate, Deflate-Gate, and now Scam-Gate ? The...

    Spy-Gate, Deflate-Gate, and now Scam-Gate ? The next time you hear a broadcaster proclaim The Patriot Way, just remember Their snow ain't white up there.
  10. You can't coach Speed, and this kid has...

    You can't coach Speed, and this kid has experience as a CB. Is there ever really a reach at a 5th Rd pick ?
  11. But Eli did do the right thing. He didn't walk...

    But Eli did do the right thing. He didn't walk away and wait for the next draft (like Bo Jackson did when the Bucs drafted him #1 or like when John Elway refused to sign with the then Baltimore...
  12. Character, Integrity, The Mannings Have It In Spades

    The Mannings were taught at an early age to obey the rules and to play the game straight. We will never have to worry about suspensions or Draft picks being taken away because Eli flaunted the rules....
  13. These Pets Aren't Like Family, They ARE FAMILY

    I Lost a black Lab 15 years ago and I still mourn thinking of him. When I was dating my wife she had lost her cat due to a traffic accident. I told her today we mourn, tomorrow we go get our new...
  14. The offense did not stink over all. The Dallas...

    The offense did not stink over all. The Dallas game ( The Catch ) We were hammering them. On defense we did not have our full complement of players to be sure. And lest we forget " Every dog has his...
  15. How Big Blue Tackled The Tackle Position

    Well we have Eric Flowers, Beatty, Pugh, Newhouse, Schwartz ( Who played tackle in KC ) Hart RT from FSU. And there is still FA ( Third wave ) to consider. When our fading stars left us ( Diehl-...
  16. Agreed, but our RB's were getting stuffed behind...

    Agreed, but our RB's were getting stuffed behind the LOS.
  17. Brewer Gone, Mosley, Jerry, And Reynolds Soon To Follow

    New Blood toss's out the Dead Wood. Erick Flowers inserted into the line-up completes the OL. Back ups Newhouse ( Swing Tackle ), Jones ( Back up Center ), Hart ( Back up Guard ) .
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    History Teach's Cowboys Nothing

    After Pac-Man Jones you would have thought Dallas learned a thing or two. ( Obviously not ) A Woman beater and a Weed Demon.
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    And OBJ will score three times, on our way to a...

    And OBJ will score three times, on our way to a first game laugher.
  20. The Flowers pick solidified 2 pos. RT,RG. Picking...

    The Flowers pick solidified 2 pos. RT,RG. Picking Collins as a safety who will start day one, is better than a CB who will not . IMHO Owa will out do Dupree.
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    Look quick, oh you just missed it. Dwayne Harris...

    Look quick, oh you just missed it. Dwayne Harris just ran one of your kick-offs back for a TD. Giants- 7 Plowboys- 0
  22. Assassinis Will Define the Safety Positions

    Want a Game Changer ? Landon Collins is your man. He will hunt RB's Like Rambo. Want a Hit Man ? Berhe ( The Missile ) will make Ball catchers yearn for that Ice Tub. A TE who thinks that the middle...
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    Mikeele Thompson

    Any thoughts ?
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    D- Just Got A Whole Lot Meaner

    Owa. I cannot wait for he and Collins to collide with RBs this year.
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    There are other Guards out there, so I'm hoping...

    There are other Guards out there, so I'm hoping the kid will fall. But just like we did with Brandon Jacobs in the 4th Rd. If we don't pounce on him then it's bye bye Birdie er Ali.
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