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    Re: Does everyone still trust Fewell?

    He lost half his squad to injury last season, can you blame him for his defense's poor performance during much of the regular season?

    the person that started this trend sounds like the NY media....
  2. Re: Simple concensus YES or NO - Steve Smith let's get a head count

    yes... if he gets rid of his agent that advised him to take the money from the eagles so he can make his commission
  3. Re: At What Point In The Giants 2011 Superbowl Run Did You Believe?

    Actually, i was happy with winning the NFC east. Everything after that was gravy. But to answer your question... After Brady's hail mary fell to the ground
  4. Re: Dirtiest players you have seen us play

    Andre(?) "Dirty" Waters. played for Buddy Ryan's Eagles
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    Re: Saints Got Caught Bounty Hunting

    One of their coaches supposedly was rewarding players ( Or so I heard on Sirius this morning )

    No biggie. Buddy Ryan was accused in the 80's for the same thing
  6. Re: Best Ex-Giant.....the ones we let get away.....

    Was Griffin ever that good?
    only during his rookie year.

    Steve Smith and Kevin Boss :)
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    Re: It's started already

    If we've learned anything, it's that the media heads and former jocks may as well use ouija boards since they have no more clue thanw e do about what's going to happen tomorrow, let alone 10 months...
  8. Re: Anyone else think Mitch Petrus deserves a shot at being a starter?

    I think he deserves a shot at competing with Boothe for the guard spot*

    I actually like this kid a lot and think he can be real good if given the opportunity

    Can the kid pass block? We know...
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