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  1. Thread: Draft Game

    by TheKraken

    Re: Draft Game

    OK fellas.* The boards are friggin dead.* Its the curse of being SB champs.* not much to whine about.</P>

    Maybe we can play "Should draft, will draft".</P>

    Started this in our thread.</P>
  2. Likely Contract Extension for Cruz, Maybe Osi Too

    Sorry if already posted
  3. What will the O-line look like this season? Also, thoughts on 1st draft pick

    LT - Beatty
    LG - Boothe/Petrus
    C - Baas/Boothe
    RG - Snee
    RT - Brewer/Diehl/Locklear

    I see it looking like this, with Boothe and Brewer winning the offseason competition at those spots. Also,...
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    Saint's Break the "Bounty Rule"

    Goodel's gonna bring down the hammer. I never liked the Saints, so good for them.
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    Post Combine Favorites for Draft Day

    Now that the combine is over, who are your favorite couple of guys you'd like to see in giants blue?

    Here's mine:

    Stephen Hill WR - Tall and fast.

    Mohamed Sanu WR - As a 4th year rutgers...
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    Re: ILB Mychal Kendricks

    He looked really fluid running through all the drills, which is what impresses me the most. It's nice that he did great at the 40, the vert, and the long jump but the smoothness he shows in change of...
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    ILB Mychal Kendricks

    This guys looking solid at the combine, and Mayock said some nice things about him. Anyone here seen any tape on him and know more, or have any idea about what round he's projected?
  8. Re: All you Coughlin haters are stuck with him now!

    I love it, another contract extention! Where are the Cowher lovers?</P>

    With every great victory comes the dopes who want to suck the joy out of it.</P>

    WTF are you talking about? This is...
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    Re: NFLN Week 9 Game

    Watching the first half of the game, I am reminded how much we were able to get brady off his game. It gives me even more confidence than I already had going into tomorrow.
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    NFLN Week 9 Game

    The first game against pats is on nfl network for anyone who has the channel.
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    Re: Most hated NFL teams

    1 eagles/cowboys
    2 jets
    3 pats
    4 steelers
    5 chargers
    6 saints

    pats and steelers cuz I hate their quarterbacks and the fact that they've been to a lot of super bowls in recent memory. I like...
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    Re: Ravens Sore Loser disses G-Men

    I actually made a twitter account just to tell this guy off. People who say the best team lost and all that crap just make me furious. I can't believe how professional athletes who do this for a...
  13. Re: Should I wear my JPP jersey every day the next 2 weeks?

    don't do anything differently. So unless you wore the jersey all week leading up to these games in the playoff run I'd take it off and put it on when you would normally put the jersey on.

  14. Re: Should I wear my JPP jersey every day the next 2 weeks?

    You're gonna wear pants too, right?

    I wasn't going to, but now that you insist...
  15. Re: Should I wear my JPP jersey every day the next 2 weeks?

    Sorry double post
  16. Should I wear my JPP jersey every day the next 2 weeks?

    I got the jersey for christmas, and have worn it for every game since the jets game. We are going to the super bowl. There aren't any repercussions, it's not like I have a job or something where I...
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