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  1. Re: What NFL Teams do you have a soft spot for and why?

    Packers are the team I always root for wants the Giants are out. My brother is a big Packers fan and so we're always rooting for each other's teams. I wore his Brett Favre jersey last year for the...
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    Re: We hate you more than you could ever imagine.

    Yeah, it's sour grapes. I'll admit it. Can you blame me?
    We were the first and only team to go 16-0 in the regular season. We went 17-0. We went 18-0.
    And we didn't just barely do it... we did it...
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    Re: The MOST upset I've Ever Been

    Mine came this year after the Eagles beat us, I was watching the game with my family. I was really mad, and my family always joked about me throwing things when I got mad at the Giants so I 'tossed'...
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    Re: I come in peace (49er Fan)

    Let me just say that I'm estatic about this game! I knew that if the Giants were kicked out 49rs were the team I was rooting for in the NFC. After we lost the game to San Fran in the middle of the...
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