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  1. Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights: Week 9 Pick em, Week 8 Results

    New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills- BILLS
    Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears- BEARS
    Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Cincinnati Bengals- JAGUARS
    Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns- browns
    Tampa Bay...
  2. Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights: Week 7 Pick em, Week 6 Results

    My Week 7 picks

    San Diego Chargers vs. Buffalo Bills: bills</p>

    New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers: SAINTS
    Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears: BEARS
    Pittsburgh Steelers vs....
  3. Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights: Week 6 Pick em, Week 5 Results

    My Week 6 Picks:
    Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta Falcons---FALCONS
    Miami Dolphins vs. Houston Texans---Miami Dolphins
    Baltimore Ravens vs. Indianapolis Colts---Baltimore Ravens
    Detroit Lions vs....
  4. Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights: Week 4 Pick em, Week 3 Results

    Week 4:
    Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers- Panthers

    Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals- Bengals

    Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars- TEXANS
    Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs-...
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