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  1. Another Bad Game From The O-Line

    No run blocking and penalties that killed drives.
    This is a poor unit.
    With a top ten pick in the next draft, we must fix this mess.
  2. Bring On The Colts, Seahawks and 49ers!

    Our next three games.
    After the week off.
  3. Last Year At This Time, We Were 0 - 6

    We are a better team this year.
    However, the offensive line must get better or we will be 7 -9 again.
    It starts up front.
    Look at Dallas.
    Look at us every time we are good.
    Look at us when...
  4. No Surprise. We OWN the Redskins.

    2 and 2.
    We are coming on.
    However, we beat two teams we should beat and own.
    But, we are getting MUCH better.
    This season is slowing proving that the Giants are for real.
    Keep it going. ...
  5. At Last! There Is Promise in Giant Land!!

    We are getting better.
    You can see the team coming together.
    Yes, this is the Texans, but then, they were 2 - 0.
    We should be 2 - 2 in a few days.
    There is promise in Giant land.
  6. Too Many Mistakes At The Wrong Times

    5 exhibition games and two games into the season and we are talking mistakes at the wrong times.
    We played better today, but this team is out of sync and lacking big plays.
    We give up long gains...
  7. The worst QB in Giant history. Who are you...

    The worst QB in Giant history.
    Who are you kidding?
    Years of being the worst in the NFL.
    Struggled lately?
    You sir, are a jerk.
  8. How Many Picks Will Eli Throw?

    The worst QB in Giants History is setting the NFL turnover mark.
    How many picks today?
    Stop with the excuses.
    Eli is horrible year after year.
  9. report on Eli Manning: I'm not even sure he'd top the list of 32 quarterbacks

    Eli Manning doesn't even crack my list of top 24 quarterbacks this week. I'm not even sure he'd top the list of 32 quarterbacks.
    Link: ...
  10. Nothing against Eli. I thank him for what he...

    Nothing against Eli.
    I thank him for what he did.
    But what he did, is way in the past.
    He is getting worse by the year and a change is coming.
  11. I Can't Wait For Ryan Nassib To Start

    A new beginning and a new era.
    Funny how he has a better grasp of the new offense while Eli is lost.
    Maybe he is a better QB than Mr. Eli "Turnover Machine" Manning.
    An 0 - 4 start will put Eli...
  12. Coughlin is doing a great job with a horrible team.

    Don't blame this team on Tom Coughlin.
    This is on Jerry Reese.
    We have a GM who drafts bad players.
    When you consider the fact that the Seahawks entire defense was drafted in the 3rd rounds or...
  13. Replies

    Martin or Evans please!

    Fix the offense.
    This draft is about offense for us.
    The D is better now with some great signings.
    We still need a LB, but we need receivers and line help a lot more.
  14. How About Aldon Smith Once He Is Cut.

    Smith will be suspended for the entire season and the 49ers may cut him.
    How about signing him next year or this year if he is there.
    Get him help and then he helps us.
    Crazy idea, but risk...
  15. Two Starters Gone From D-Line

    I hope JJP comes back 100% and Hankins is the real deal.
    Anything short of that and we are in trouble.
  16. Replies

    The Link To The Tuck Deal With Oakland
    Thanks for the memories and good luck with the Raiders!
  17. How To Make Revis Deal Work ForA Fraction Of His Salary

    We can sign Revis and not take a major cap hit.
    When he is released, simply sit down with him and talk money, which is what he wants.
    Revis is a very smart business man.
    Take whatever contract...
  18. We Are Signing Backup Players And Letting Starters Go

    Come on Reese, get in the game.
  19. Colts STUN Chiefs In Amazing Game

    45 - 44.
    The Colts came from 28 down to win.
  20. Replies

    Rolle Makes 2nd Team All-Pro

    Rolle has finally been recognized for his play during the 2013 season.
    He made second team All-Pro.
  21. The New York Giants Will Be Back

    We will be a better team.
    We will have better players.
    Non-productive players will go.
    There will be no house cleaning, but the house will be cleaned.
    Happy New Year!
    May 2014 be another...
  22. Eli Will Never Make HOF

    Eli had one great season and two Super Bowl MVP awards that were more of a product of outstanding defense and unbelievable catches.
    He has had some horrible seasons that gave bad a new meaning. ...
  23. Giants Last Game Of 2014 Will Be Against Cowboys

    We closed this season against Redskins and last season against the Eagles.
    This is rotating.
    The last game in 2014 will be against the Dallas Cowboys.
  24. As Bad As 2013 Was, I Will Miss Giants Football

    Can't wait for the draft, camp and the season.
    Hope 2014 goes better.
  25. Antrel Rolle Snubbed By Pro Bowl.

    A slap in the face.
    Rolle was a stud all year and deserved to make the team.
    Tuck should have made it too.
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