Here is a list of 9 players that 10 different sites mocked as our 1st round pick in the '12 draft. 4 of the sites picked Dwayne Allen as our 1st, while every other player had only 1 site pick them.

From this list ALONE, who would you pick and why?

Dwayne Allen - TE
Coby Fleener - TE
Dont'a Hightower - LB
Luke Kuechly - LB
Vontaze Burfict - LB
Mike Adams - OT
Zebrie Sanders - OT
Cordy Glenn - G
Andre Branch - DE

I think that our o-line will be better next year than people think, but I'd go with Cordy Glenn based on something that I read today on him (don't remember the site) saying that he was versatile enough to play T as well. If that's the case, then I'll take Glenn's versatility on the O-line (like a young Diehl).

IF Osi isn't back next year then I'd go with the DE, Branch, in order to keep our pass rush strong since that's what our D is designed to do.