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Thread: '12 Mock: Who do you choose from this list...

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    Re: '12 Mock: Who do you choose from this list...

    [quote user="JJC7301"]Here is a list of 9 players that 10 different sites mocked as our 1st round pick in the '12 draft. 4 of the sites picked Dwayne Allen as our 1st, while every other player had only 1 site pick them. From this list ALONE, who would you pick and why? Dwayne Allen - TE Coby Fleener - TE Dont'a Hightower - LB Luke Kuechly - LB Vontaze Burfict - LB Mike Adams - OT Zebrie Sanders - OT Cordy Glenn - G Andre Branch - DE I think that our o-line will be better next year than people think, but I'd go with Cordy Glenn based on something that I read today on him (don't remember the site) saying that he was versatile enough to play T as well. If that's the case, then I'll take Glenn's versatility on the O-line (like a young Diehl). IF Osi isn't back next year then I'd go with the DE, Branch, in order to keep our pass rush strong since that's what our D is designed to do.[/quote] well, lets just take KUECHLY outta the mix, because hes simply not gonna be there, and i'll bet anything and then some on that.. But outta the other guys, and believe me, i 100pct think theres zero chance that Mike Adams is there when we pick as well, i'd have to say MIKE ADAMS... And this is coming from a big JAMES BREWER fan last yr, and BREWER was the guy i was hoping for when our pick came around in RD 4, but we need depth regardless, and having Will Beatty, James Brewer and Mike Adams would really set out future at the Tackle positon up very well for the forseeable future.. Those are 3guys who have great size, and just like Adams, Brewer also has been said to be able to possibly max out as a LT in the pros, with RT being more realistic possiblity.. And we know how big guys who can play multiple positons are in the eyes of Jerry Reese...

    Now speaking realistaclly, i would like us to choose Dwayne Allen outta that mix, because i see him as the most complete TE in the class, and hes got a well built, stocky frame, with great athletic ability, and he gives us yet another dangerous redzone weapon for ELI... Also, i believe were gonna lose Mario, and Dwayne Allen can certainly help fill some of those numbers that will leave with mario..

    Other guys that i would love see fall to us and have a shot at but don't think they'll get there are Whitney Mercilus and Fletcher Cox... Either of those 2 will continue to keep are bread buttered, which is a dominant DLINE that gets pressure and forces turnovers...

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    Re: '12 Mock: Who do you choose from this list...

    I'd say Mike Adams would have to be the pick. I can almost definitely say he'll be long gone before he gets to 32....But if he's not then he's the BPA.

    Right now I'm on the Fleener bandwagon though as much as I like Allen. I like Fleener's size more and if not for his ankle I think he's the faster TE as well.

    I wouldn't mind either one of these guys as the pick (Adams/Fleener) but if it came down to these guys then Adams would/should be the pick.
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    Re: '12 Mock: Who do you choose from this list...

    Dont'a Hightower. I'm just a huge fan of his style and character and I've wanted him to end up a Giant since he was in high school. Saban didn't take him out in passing situations and still managed to have the best defense and #1 pass defense in the country. He quarterbacked the best and what is regarded as the most complex defense in the country. I just don't think is anyone else in the draft like him. I want us to have the intimidating, you don't wanna f*ck with presence in the middle.

    Glenn would be my next pick because he fits exactly what we need and the OL is in need of some help. There are other OL I like later in the draft though and the same goes for TE. If we could get Orson Charles in the second or Egnew in the third I'd be thrilled. There are also free agency guys that I think we target... And I also think Ballard was getting better. Dont'a is just a rare breed.

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    Re: '12 Mock: Who do you choose from this list...

    If they are all there, Kuechly. They are all great players, but I don't really want a TE in the first.

    I do love Andre Branch though, I can really see him being the pick. I wish I knew where he ranked at the moment on the Giants board.
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    Re: '12 Mock: Who do you choose from this list...


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    Re: '12 Mock: Who do you choose from this list...

    best player available

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    Re: '12 Mock: Who do you choose from this list...

    [quote user="Voldamort"]best player available[/quote]


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    Re: '12 Mock: Who do you choose from this list...



    Not touching Hightower, Burfict, Branch or Sanders with 32.

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    Re: '12 Mock: Who do you choose from this list...

    I'll admit I'm just now starting to get to know these players. From what I've seen of Hightower, I like him alot. NFLN painted Kuechley as an overachiever. They also said none of these TE's are first round talent. I wouldn't be opposed to Cordy Glenn or Mike Adams. Or how about if Janoris Jenkins or Mark Barron slips to 32? I wouldn't mind strengthening our Dbackfield.

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