[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="BlueSanta"]Cant really complain about the guys you have, although I am not sure i agree with where you have them.

I would be Shocked is Cousins lasts till that late. He had a good senior bowl week, too good to fall that low. I also think last year showed me that teams who need a Qb will reach for them. His game isnt perfect but he has a huge arm and the coaches like him. I think someone will take a chance on him prior to the 6th round, especially the last pick in the 6th.

Menzie is a good player. I agree he is underrated. My concern with him is his speed. He has a torn achillies in his past and has had repeated hamstring tweaks as well. I want to see him run well at the combine. People with torn achillies in thier past sometimes have a hard time recovering former speed and quickness. If not for that achillies injury, he would be talked about a lot more than he has been. Ive read a couple people question if he can break 4.6 40. If he can show them wrong, I would love him on this team.

Green is a guy who's stock is flying up this offseason according to a lot of people. However, he is still very small framed to play tight to the line(6'6 237). I think he will need to add 20lbs before he fits with what we do here. So it isnt just about learning to block, it is also about getting stronger and more physical. Hopefully he comes into the combine with a bit more bulk cause there is a lot to like about him both on and off the field.
[/quote] Ya, i hope the Giants don't base everything they do with Recieving TE's, on what travis beckum has done.. Beckum is only one player, and there is no telling yet, if hes just a somewhat bust, or if it really was the system.. I love Ladarious Green in the Late rd 3 area, and would actually be very satisfied if he were the pick, especially if were to lose mario manningham, as green should be able to pick up some of the receptions and td's lost with mario.. Plus, we could have a nice 1-2 punch with Ballard and Green if it were to be the case, with balllard serving as the underneath guy and blocker, and Green being the guy who can be a bigmismatch on most lb's and even safety's... Also, we could run some double TE sets in the redzone which would be a nice wrinkle to have...[/quote]

I dont think Beckum will poison the hybrid TE thought process. I think Reese is smart enough to look at each case individually.

When we drafted Beckum we thought he could learn to block, but he just hasnt. This makes it hard to put him on the field because without that threat of blocking teams can just go to a nickle package to counter him rather than create the mismatch we wanted, which is him on a LB in the open field. If defenses are gonna go nickle and he cant out muscle a smaller CB, then why not have a WR in there instead.

Hybrid TEs work. It works for Aaron Hernandez. Jummy Graham as well as a ton of other hybrid TEs this past year.

That Slot reciever guy, either hybrid TE or slot Wr is gonna be more and more important over the next couple years and beyond. The Rule changes just make the middle of the field too vulnerable. I do not think in years past a guy like Orson Charles gets rated as a NFL TE above Allen or Fleener. The new rules are helping create value for those hybrid guys.