Round 1

Cordy Glenn G/T Georgia

With all the Ridiculous reaches in the first round the Giants have Cordy Glenn fall right into their lap. This couldn't be any better Glenn can play both Guard and Right Tackle, has a nasty mean streak, and has great feet in pass protection. he could replace either David Deihl or K-Mac in the starting lineup his first year.

Round 2a (aquired from Osi trade to Detroit)

Vontaze Burfict LB Arizona

Yes! not only do we get our potential leader but we get him at a great price! lets face it 6"3 250 and can run and cover doesn't come very often and we had to leap on him. we get rid of Osi to Detroit who needed another pass rusher opposite of Cliff Avri.


Stephom Gilmore

We need more depth at corner more so now that TT is coming off Injury and is a FA as well as Ross. not to mention the possibiliy of injure. Gilmore is a bigh physical corner that can excel in a tamp 2-esque style defense that fewell runs and has the size to play the possible 3rd safety.

Round 3

Joe Adams WR Arkansas

With Manningham Pretty much gone the Giants need to add to their WR arsenal. WR is a position JR usually adresses through the draft (Manningham, Nicks, Barden, Jernigan) so I wouldn't be surprised if he made this move. Adams had an Impressive Senior bowl and has the ability to get the YAC we desire so much

Round 4

Micheal Egnew TE Mizzou

Ok so we all know TE is a need but the Giants DO NOT REACH. lucky for them Micheal Egnew was just sitting there waiting to be picked. Egnew Is a great receiving TE who has added some size in his last year (250) and has really improved his blocking. he also has the size at 6"5 to be a tough match up to cover.

Round 5

Vick Ballard RB Miss

Running Back is just one of those positions the Giants don't put too much value in but Vick ballard fills a need with the uncertainty moving forward with Brandon Jacobs.

Round 6

Donte paige-Moss

He showed lots of promise and still has ridiculous upside to be a great player and isn't much of a risk in the 6th.