[quote user="Neverend"]I'd have to respectfully disagree about Allen being more quick off the line than Fleener. I think if Fleener participated more at the combine he would have absolutely had a faster 10-yrd dash than any TE not named Orson Charles. Allen has good quickness off the line but it seems like defenders have success when they hit him at the line and get physical him (for arguments sake, that could be more of a technique thing). If he were so quick I'd like to see him elude press coverage more often.[/quote] Allen has great seperation skills, and ESPN"s Scouts Inc broke down all the TOP players at there positons and Dwayne Allen was 3rd in Seperation Skills, which is instrumental when your qb needs to get rid of the ball quickly...




ESPN's Scouts Inc. broke down the top NFL prospects at each offensive position heading into the NFL combine, and it looks like the ACC could have some stars at wide receiver and/or tight end.

When it comes to ball skills, former Virginia Tech receiver Danny Coale ranked among the top five receivers at the combine. Scouts Inc. also ranked the receivers by their big-play abilities, and Georgia Tech's Stephen Hill ranked No. 4, followed by Miami's Travis Benjamin, who was tied for fifth.

Former Clemson tight end Dwayne Allen was No. 3 in the "separation skills" category, while Miami's Chase Ford was No. 3 in big-play abilities, and NC State's George Bryan was No. 2 in competitiveness.

Two of the ACC's offensive linemen were also featured, as Florida State's Zebrie Sanders was the No. 3 tackle in run blocking, and Wake's Joe Looney was the No. 2 guard in awareness.