[quote user="nycsportzfan"]Cordy Glenn is a freaking monster! Dude busted out 31reps on the bench with his very long arms(long arms makes it tougher to do many reps obviously, for example David Molk did 41reps with his short arms).. The GA boys are making noise early on with Orson Charles getting most reps outta TE's and Glenn putting up fine performance with his very long arms... Mike Adams had 19reps with a tad shorter arms, to give u guys a idea....[/quote]

Every year there is 1 guy I secretly hope is available when we pick(withint reality.) My mind isnt completely made up, but recently that guy has been Cordy. We had trouble with up the middle pressure this year. We also had injury problems and a guy who can play multiple positions along the line always helps solve that problem. Plus, I have not been overly impressed with Baas, I think he is susceptible to good bull rushers. Nothing helps a center more than having 2 brick houses lined up next to him.