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    Osi to take less to stay????

    Sorry if already posted. Not exactly sure where this came from but it makes me happy to hear.


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    Re: Osi to take less to stay????

    Yeah it's been around, I hope he stays. I want him to retire a giant

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    Re: Osi to take less to stay????

    Ain't it funny what winning a Super Bowl does for a guys attitude? Haha id love to have him back though hands down

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    Re: Osi to take less to stay????

    best news of the off-season so far, IMO...

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    Re: Osi to take less to stay????

    As stated in another thread.....Let's be clear on what "less" means. Osi is talking about less than he was going to ask for, not what he is currently making. It's good news either way....Osi has backed off with the rhetoric and is willing to comprimise.

    I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.

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