[quote user="gmen0820"][quote user="rainierjef"]what the **** are you talking about?
are you just arguing to argue?
i wanted to know where he got that no te is first round worthy
last i remembered fleener didn't do the 40
olson didn't do all the drills
wait till pro days to make those claims
whether its opinion or not doesn't make it wrong or right or smart or dumb im just asking where he got his information from.
reese goes by game tape to evaluate the players he likes, which is why i put it up. so basically you agree with what i said by saying "Nobody knows for sure where anyone goes, especially someone on this board. GMs have an idea, but nobody knows for sure." and your wrong GM's know the guy they want if reese feels one of these TE's are a value at 32 before 64 then BPA as always.
[/quote]Lol what are you talking about? I don't disagree with you, I do think there are first round TEs in this draft, I just "smfh" at you for expecting him to provide you rock solid support for his claim considering nobody knows for absolute sure.

So yes I do agree with you, and I wasn't arguing with you, I didn't think I'd have to explain that. Perhaps I overestimated you.[/quote]
lol this kid
dude first it was a question for void but you wanna be captain save a post, i just gave light to the fact that the combine doesn't make the player and i gave fact for that by what reese said. he stated NO TE is going in the 1st i didn't say he was wrong i asked where is he getting that from.
you jumped into something blind by saying no one knows for sure, so what the point of you stating what i already stated?