[quote user="BlueSanta"][quote user="Neverend"][quote user="rainierjef"]here's a tactical post.

Coby Fleener on his pro day will wow most nfl scouts not only with his 40 time but his knowledge for the postion and his line blocking ability.

stanford is a pro style ready system[/quote]

I disagree. Watching some of Fleener's games recently, stanford takes him off the field in nearly every in-line formation[/quote]

Wait ...what?

You are confusing Fleener with someone else. The guy lines up tight to the line almost every play. When he doesnt, he is in* a H-back position, but that was used far less this year than 2010. Stanford runs a VERY pro style offense.

The op talked about his run blocking in-line. Not just being lined up tight to line.

Perhaps then it was that specific game but in the most recent game I watched (cal) he was replaced in-line in obvious run formations with #85 ryan hewitt like 95% of the time with the exception of 2 TE sets. Just an observation I made.

Yes he lines close to the line obviously because he is a TE but he lined up in the slot quite a lot in that game, as I watched every offensive snap. And really overall he is used all over the field, not "tight to the line on almost every play" and when he isn't its as "a H-back". Maybe it was just because of the two recent games i watched (cal, oregon) but I think you're dead wrong about that.