[quote user="BeatYale"][quote user="FlyingTruck"][quote user="C1010"]Analysts are saying he's a "work out warrior" but doesn't play to that speed.
[/quote]I think Vernon Davis was a work out warrior as well. Look at him now.[/quote]

You're leaving out the part about Davis having a way better college career. Hanna wasn't nearly as productive or involved in the Oklahoma offense as Davis was to the Maryland offense.

JR was on NFL Network today and he pretty much said the Giants mainly grade prospects based on their play in college and the combine is just for confirming certain things.[/quote]
That's somewhat true but mainly smoke and mirrors. They seem to draft based on the system that is run by our coaching staff and where that player can fill that roll, JPP and Jaquain Williams are examples. Also, what type of role and system the player played in college is also important, Steve Smith and JJ12 are examples of this. JR and staff are damn good at this.