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Thread: Sean spence & Lavonte David

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    Re: Sean spence & Lavonte David

    [quote user="Redeyejedi"][quote user="Neverend"][quote user="BluGiantPies"]Bump BC ohm youngmisuk just said the giants are interested in lavonte David on ESPN new york[/quote]

    I would be thrilled if true, im not crazy on the other names they like (randle, jones) reported thus far[/quote]I like David didnt think they would be interested . If they think he can play MLB awesome.

    Wow how crazy would it be if they drafted another guy from Fort Scott[/quote]

    Yeah, he's not the greatest fit in the trenches. But I think the giants are open to upgrading positions like olb or offensive tackle in this draft even though they have young talent like brewer and jaquain williams. but we'll see

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    Re: Sean spence & Lavonte David

    Grab him and that left tackle yoshi hardrick from Nebraska and we got the whole fort Scott team. They should change there team name to the little giants. Does anyone think David could play mike. I'm not sure if he's good enough getting off blocks opinions anyone.

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