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Whom ever is the BPA at the "need" postions will be taken first. Whether it DE, DT, TE, CB, etc.

Also some of you guys bring Marvin Austin as a viable DT.??? What has he done other than be out of football for two + seasons?? He is nowhere near a lock to make the team IMO.

theGiants have aseveralLBs on the team already and the TE....I think they stick with what they have and maybe add a older FA or a draft pick in the later rounds. Beckum IMO get an injury settlement and will be gone. Christian Hopkins will surprise and Pascoe finally gets to focus on being a TE and not waste time with FB drills.

[/quote] I agree that Austin is a question mark, but short of him eating White Castle sliders at practice, he's a lock to be on the team due to his being a second round draft pick (same reason Barden and Sintim are still on the team ... day 1 draft picks). He also has A LOT of upside as he's freak of nature. Now we just need to see it realized. TE is difficult to guage for me ... while we've gone ghetto TE for the most part in the recent past, the Beckum pick was our shot at getting a play making TE with a high draft pick, so that tells me that the desire is there. TE this year will be a definite need with both Ballard and Beckum being at the very least, on the PUP list to start the season. However there are some neat possibilities later on in the draft at TE as well (Ladarius Green, Mike Egenew and Evan Rodriguez). Alternatively, the TE position will probably be BPA when we pick (i.e. we'll be able to get the best TE in the draft) which will mean either Dwayne Allen or Coby Fleener in the first (both would be HUGE upgrades for us at the TE position, not to mention a solid play making replacement for the loss of MM). If we don't go defense in the first, this is where I think we pick. LBers I agree with you on ... we're more then stacked.[/quote]

Yeah I was forgetting that Austin was 2nd rounder. You made that point and he will be on the team as long as he passes the physical...

TE will be interesting to me where they go with this....